Rabbitch posted about this yesterday, and now I’m laughing myself hysterical as well.. :)

As we were walking up the street to my parents for dinner tonight, we saw the little stray cat that likes to visit the windows of my house and upset the kitties and hide in the storm water drains when anyone approaches her, in the drain, with three little kittens. Four cute kitty faces looking up at us. I don’t think the kitty belongs to anyone, we think she might be feral but nobody knows for sure, and I’m torn between just letting them be, and reporting them to the RSPCA so the kittens can find good homes and hopefully the cat can too. Thoughts? One bad rain storm and they could all get drowned. :( But it is summer. But weather is unpredictable. I should leave some tuna outside on a plate for them. ;)

I really don’t like Rosie O’Donnell on the View, at all. I find her self-centred. If you watch it you’ll see, she often drags the conversation around to herself. Star Jones used to do the same thing, I can’t stand that. However, I did see Rosie on the Actor’s Studio and actually quite liked her. I don’t know whether it was because the show was supposed to be about her, for a change, or whether she was just less annoying.

I don’t watch much free to air television these days. In fact I do not even know how to make my tv show me the free to air channels, and it’s been that way since we moved in here. So I often miss out on stuff which people are seeing and raving about. Tonight Desperate Housewives began on W, one of the pay tv channels. It was the first episode, and surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I think I might buy the box set.. we’ll see how cheap it is.

We’ve been going to the beach a bit lately. There’s lots of good photos there. And when you have the below not very far from your doorstep, you really have no excuse..


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2 thoughts on “Surprises..

  1. It’s interesting that they don’t offer the local channels on Austar, because the reason that cable in most countries started was so that people who didn’t live in the major cities could actually get these stations. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty, but it’s available at Wikipedia

    As it is, most people here (even those in the cities) pay to get their regular stations, to the point that radio broadcasts of football are synced up with the digital signal in the city (so that means that the broadcast is way out of sync here).

  2. It’s often hard to know whether a cat is genuinely feral or not.

    Adult feral cats are just about impossible to rehabilitate. They really don’t belong in shelters. It’s extremely stressful (and inhumane) for them to be confined, and they dislike being handled. Most of the time, sad to say, they end up being euth’d. Whereas they might stand a better chance in their original environment, where they are at least better adapted to deal with their living conditions.

    Feral kittens can be socialized. My brother and his family have a pair of 14-year-old cats who originally came from a feral colony. You have to intervene early, however.

    Check out the Alley Cat Allies Web site at They have lots of information that you might find helpful.

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