Only In Dreams..

I’m watching a Roy Orbison documentary. I’ve always liked his music and a while ago we saw a tribute show which was absolutely amazing. I figure everyone knows the Pretty Woman song but there was so much more to his career than that. So might I suggest while I enjoy the documentary, you click on this link to you tube and listen to one of his songs you never heard of before?

Back tomorrow with the weekly wrap up. Have a lovely Saturday evening, ya’all!

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4 thoughts on “Only In Dreams..

  1. That’s one beautiful bird? What type is it? You should create a photoblog. ;-) I agree Dr. Phil has some good advice. I rarely watch him but I do remember seeing him on a show, think it was Oprah, that was before he had his show. I rarely watch Oprah but I remember watching that day, lol. I was impressed with what he had to say.

  2. Whoops I commented o the wrong post. The first comment was meant for the bird. :-)

    That might have been the same documentary that I saw. Yep, Roy did more than Pretty Woman. That movie has been running all week.
    Thanks for including the link. I’ve actually heard all the songs listed but it was nice listening to a few of my favorites again.

  3. I have always liked Roy Orbison. He was really popular when I was a kid, had new songs out a few times a year. :)

    BTW, in case I forgot to mention (which I did), I think your site is absolutely lovely! The color combinations… that’s what it is!



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