12 thoughts on “Google Reader Can Make Your Life Easier – Here’s How.

  1. I only have about 60-70 blogs that I subscribe to, and maybe half of them post on a daily or near daily basis, so it’s under control. If I had more free time I’m sure I’d be able to use some of these tips. As always, an informative post!

  2. I use Google Reader and it’s changed my life. I used to go to my faves daily to checkup on them which is very timewasting etc as you mention.

    I’d recommend subscribing to your own blog to make sure the feed works as there are some that have failed.

    Sharing Google Reader items is a handy type of blogroll too which I’ve written about here – scroll down a bit for the shared items bit.

  3. i’ve never tried google reader before, but I prefer Live Bookmarks in Firefox or a desktop feed reader to get my feeds.

    Google has too much influence on our lives already so I prefer not to use it for too many things.

  4. I like Google Reader quite a bit (with the exception of the delays and I do not know how to ping GR).

    The “trends” thing is very interesting! I’d never clicked on that before. My subscription list isn’t nearly as large as yours.. perhaps 50 or so.. Some of those blogs, I lurk on.. most I comment daily. (It’s not unusual for me to leave 35-40 comments throughout the day.)

    Thanks for this. I am finding this feature you’ve started to be very helpful! :)



  5. This is great information. I read the whole thing, made notes and will review with David and Miles.

    I won’t tell you how many bookmarks I have and I wondered what the orange thing on my site was? Ha…now I know….

    Your great..thanks, thanks, thanks..
    Dorothy from grammology
    call your grandma

    Is it okay that I leave my url or shouldn’t I?

  6. Very nice! I love Google Reader (I think you pointed me there before). Between you and Sephy the last couple of days, I’ve learned some tips and tricks that are helping with the Feed Time Loss Phenomenon.

  7. Kirsten – It’s good that you can keep it under control like that.. me I find it hard to keep the numbers low. Then again I am a fast reader and as long as I keep on top of the feed reader it’s good. Like right now, all my feeds are read.

    Jaycee – I can’t believe how much time I saved by switching to a feed reader. I used to have blogs bookmarked in bunches of 10, and I would go into firefox and open them all in tabs. Just the loading took ages!

    I do sub to my own feed – and I used to use the sharer. I never felt comfortable sharing things without permission, so I eventually took it off the page.

    Hari – I agree with you about Google’s influence but at the same time I am not going to refuse to use good things just because their name is on them. But that’s just me. :) To each their own.

    Chani – Your feed does the pinging. Are you using Feedburner? Feedburner pings a lot faster than Blogger does, I have found. If you’re not using Feedburner, take a look at Sephy’s posts about Feedburner and take the time to do that – it will make a huge difference. If every blogger did that we’d get our feeds much faster.

    Julie – Let me know how you go with Google Reader. ;)

    Dorothy – Of course you can leave your URL, I always try to when I comment on a Blogger blog. ;)

    Jhianna – I suffer the time loss phenomenon way too much.. :) In hardware stores, too!

    Thanks for the comments all.. :)


  8. I decided to switch over after reading this because I have been having trouble with the Safari reader – it would update all the blogs with the maximum number of posts, so it was very slow and seldom accurate.

    However, I just received a surprise gift: Almost all my deleted posts are captured in Google Reader!

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