The Geisha Girl In Bloom

There’s this company which visits regional towns in Australia with a truck load of plants and sells them off over the course of a weekend. Usually Thursday to Sunday. They send out flyers before they turn up and by the time Sunday is done they usually have an empty truck. If you can wait till Sunday they often sell the plants a little cheaper. My Mother bought a lot of plants from them in Tamworth and not long after we moved here a familiar flyer arrived in the letterbox, so we went to get some plants. The majority of these plants are still alive and kicking almost two years later.
Geisha Girl
One of the plants we bought is known as a “Geisha Girl“. Little did I know when I bought it that it would become one of my favourite plants. The flowers are stunning. I can see it from my computer room window and on windy days like today I don’t get a lot done because it keeps distracting me. The flowers bob and sway in the breeze.

So I guess this is a roundabout way of saying I haven’t got a lot done today. ;) You know how people say they are away with the Fairies? I’m away with the Geishas.

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