Garden Notes 1

I discovered a mutant cauliflower. Well all of my cauliflowers have pretty much been weird but this one certainly takes the cake so far. I’m not growing them for me – they are for the chooks and the chooks don’t seem to mind the oddness, or the caterpillars which have (irritatingly) overtaken these plants.


We had a couple of super hot days and then quite a bit of rain. The plants seem to be loving it, I can see real differences between photos I took on Friday and photos I took today.

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One thought on “Garden Notes 1

  1. I am quite certain that the chooks LOVE the caterpillars (and any other insects on your food plants).

    The bf and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday at a gourmet vegetarian restaurant a few minutes away from my home (where they can make every dish vegan, hooray). His main was cauliflower, one of my favorites, too. I got the chard main (chard gnocchi!) and loved it. In our usual fashion, halfway through, we switched plates. The cauliflower rocked, too.

    Your chooks are so cute. If I remember correctly, you’re raising them for eggs. Insects in their diet (especially moths and their caterpillars) will make the eggs richer in Omega 3s. The bright orange yolks will tell the story.

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