Garden Photos & Water Feature Installed!

On Tuesday we fixed the balcony. We used the high pressure spray to clean it and then put our plants in groups to create little ecosystems – as suggested by River – also because there are drains in the balcony where the run off water goes so it was better to group them near the drains.

Water Feature

We installed the water feature as well. The palms around it got a little too much sun where they were, I’m hoping the new spot will be better for them. In front of the water feature you can see my herb garden in a much more convenient spot to pick the herbs. In the below picture you can see my office window – I can open the window and hear the water which is lovely.

Water Feature With Buddha

I was reading on A Spot With Pots the other day about ladybirds. I’d noticed since we planted the herb and tomato plants we seemed to have a lot of ladybirds appear seemingly out of nowhere. I thought it was cute. Now I know they are eating my plants!


The Hibiscus have begun to flower again. These are some of my favourite plants. I’d like to have about 20 more of them because they are available in so many colours and variations.


The fuschia is so beautiful right now – this is another plant I would love to have more of.


The jasmine is flowering and it smells gorgeous!


So there you have a little garden update. I hope you enjoyed it!

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9 thoughts on “Garden Photos & Water Feature Installed!

  1. Your balcony looks great. I love the water feature grouping, I can imagine you sitting beside it in a comfy old armchair with a cup of tea, winding down from the day. Are you sure it’s the ladybugs eating your tomatoes? Usually ladybugs eat the sap suckers that feast on your plants, likewise hoverflies which look like miniature wasps but you can tell they are hoverflies because they hover while a wasp doesn’t. What type of jasmine do you have? It looks like the star jasmine, a large plant in full bloom smells gorgeous and just a bit aniseedy. I love it. I dont like the one that has the crimson base to the buds and flowers, the scent is very heady and does terrible things to my sinuses (we’re talking triple antihistamine doses here), unfortunately Adelaide is full of it. My white pelargonium is flowering now, it has so many blossoms it looks like a ruffly can-can petticoat!

  2. LOL I have this image of you counting the spots on the ladybirds…out of all the really great ladybirds that are out there, surely you didn’t end up with the vegetarians?

    Thanks for the mention.

    I think I want to kidnap your fuschia.

  3. Lovely pictures. I cannot imagine life without flowers, and your garden looks like a wonderful place to meditate and contemplate, perhaps with a cup of tea.

    The hibiscus and fuschia are gorgeous, and few things smell as exquisite as jasmine.

  4. River – I wasn’t sure until I came out to find one sitting on a parsley leaf and when I moved it there was a nice hole in the leaf. I think there are natural ways to convince them to go elsewhere, I just have to read up on it. ;) You’re right, it is the star jasmine, well done on spotting that. ;) I would love to see the ruffly can can petticoat! ;)

    Chani – Nothing makes me feel happier than flowers. Not cut ones because I believe they should be on the plant – and so does the other half. He never buys me flowers, only pot plants. ;)

    Elizabeth – my kitties would love to get access to the plants, so they can eat them and play with them. They have to learn to walk on a lead first though! ;)

    BlueBlue – They’re more like.. zig zags. I’ll try and get a good pic of it.

    Christine – I was so excited when I saw all those buds forming on the jasmine. It seemed to take forever for them to open!

    Trish – water features are so reasonably priced these days and now we have an outdoor powerpoint we thought it was worth “borrowing” the one which I bought a few years ago for Christmas for my parents. They still don’t have an outdoor area.

    Hearts In San Francisco – And on top of all that, an afternoon sea scented breeze. ;) We are in such a great location here, I’m going to make the most of it this summer. ;)

    Thanks everyone!

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