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Ones I have watched recently – I snuck in another viewing of Pretty Woman without commentary last night. I intended to follow it up with a viewing of Chocolat – Vivian and Vianne. I love both these characters. If you have not seen Chocolat, you should, it is just a gorgeous movie. But now I admit I am a little tempted by Shakespeare in Love again. Girl with a Pearl Earring was also just gorgeous.

But from this shelf my favourite movie and one that took me down a path I was not expecting was Dead Man Walking. After seeing that many years ago I found myself a pen pal on Death Row. He was somewhat unique among people on death row in that he admitted he was guilty. That was one reason I kept writing to him.

The second was, he was really interesting, and he didn’t want anything from me other than to receive letters from time to time. It didn’t matter what I wrote about and to be honest I don’t really remember what I wrote about. Mostly just about life in general, or funny jokes people had told me, or interesting news stories.

He really liked to hear about going places, like you could sit down and write about taking a plane trip and you could tell him every little detail, he found it fascinating, mostly I guess because he couldn’t do it himself. His letters to me always had little drawings on the envelopes, he was a fantastic artist. I’m not sure where I put them when we moved and I’m looking for a bunch of stuff that seems to have gone missing including my paint brushes and sequins but if I find them I will scan one. He was executed in 2001. Incidentally the day Elvis died.

The box sets shelf – Pacino, Titanic, Back to the Future, Xfiles season one, Yes Minister, The Mummy one and two , and Oliver’s Twist.

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  1. Dead Man Walking is a great film. Your correspondence sounds interesting and I can see how Jeffery would have enjoyed your letters. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to do that – I might be too scared of being too upset at the whole barbaric justice system.

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