100th blog!

Yay, that was fast. The blog is only a month and a half or so old. You may not get Quality here folks but you sure get Quantity. :)Speaking of Q words, I believe the following explains precisely why some scambaiters have found it difficult to cope with me. A quote from the book Black Box

“This exaggerated respect for a pilot is greater in a hierarchical society, or.. when the junior member of the crew has been schooled in automatic obedience to his superiors in the course of military training. I believe that Qantas’s success in remaining virtually accident free throughout the years owes a lot to a peculiarly Australian factor: the willingness of Australians to stand up to their bosses. In their non-hierarchical society subordinates are culturally encouraged to feel free to challenge their superiors. In airline management terms this leads to a healthy tension between air crew and management, who cannot impose their ideas as easily as they can among more obedient races. If an Aussie crew member thinks a plane is potentially unsafe he will not hesitate to say so, loudly and frequently. This could do more than any conditioning to save lives”

I believe this is why a few (and a very few at that) people had issues with me. I have strong beliefs, and I do speak them, loudly and frequently. If I believe something is wrong, I do not hesitate to say so. But you know, it’s their loss. I don’t see anyone stepping up to do much these days – it’s all talk and no action and many of the people I recruited to work as a part of a team are back to working on their own with no help or team to back them up.

Even worse than that, there’s little training for any new people coming onto the scene, to the extent that people are now worse off than they were when I got into scambaiting originally. No mentoring in dealing with victims and their issues, not even given the tools to do the job with, right down to email accounts that are safe for them to warn from. If people make mistakes, they then get slapped hard and/or kicked in the teeth for it. It’s no wonder people aren’t putting up their hand to help victims. I would not – in fact I am one of those people back to working on my own.

I have a bit of a blog burning inside me that’s going to come out sooner or later. Have patience, it will get here. :)

In other news, my attempt to have the longest sidebar in the history of blogging seems to be stalling somewhat. I need to find more things to put there. If you’re a blogger reading this and you have something in your sidebar on your blog, please throw me a comment. :)

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