Abu Dhabi Doo..

Look. I love Sex and The City as much as most people out there who own a television set and have seen the show more than once. I have seen the whole series several times over. There were cringeworthy moments but these were more than made up for by the fashion, the glitter, the hair, the shoes, the ladies, the gorgeous men..

I saw the first movie and it was pretty good. Mildly annoying in places, but generally good. There was full frontal male nudity which is always an epic win as far as I am concerned. ;)

I read the reviews of the second movie and decided to wait till it arrived on dvd from Quickflix. I am so glad I did wait but then again.. I almost regret sitting through it. Twice. The second time for the commentary track.

I pity the poor men who were dragged along to this movie. It took an hour of screen time for them to even leave to go to Abu Dhabi, then it took an hour and a half for the rest of it to play out! If not for the gorgeous outfits, shoes and general prettiness, I would not have made it through the movie at all. I almost switched it off when they karaoke sang I am woman but they all had sparkly outfits on and I was dazed by the glitter..

Listening to the commentary track I understood better the reasons why it was so over the top but there was never an explanation for the two and a half hour running time.

Some of the jokes fell so flat.. eg Abu Dhabi Doo.. that was plain disturbing especially coming from the normally sane Miranda.

I cannot possibly imagine a third movie but if one were made, such is my addiction that I would watch it. Only once the next time, though!

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