Classic ad..

Thanks to a new blog on the Australian Blogs Community, the Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe – I have been looking for this ad for ages, it’s hilarious.. ;)

Now, inspired by this commercial finally turning up on you tube, I once again searched for one of my favourites and this time I found it.. ;) They’ve been there for ages but my searches never turned them up.

Both these ads are suited to my sense of humor. ;) They had some great print ads that went with them as well, which were funny. And I’ll leave you with an example of a not very funny ad which always manages to annoy my Mum.

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3 thoughts on “Classic ad..

  1. Why can’t we have beer ads as good as yours? The closest thing that we’ve had recently to a decent beer ad are the Man Laws ads from Miller Lite – but they’ve been scrapped in favor of ads about “Lite vs. Light”. And that Bigpond ad is a classic ;)

    But, where’s the Big Ad? ;)

  2. I liked the last one. Although all these I have a little trouble understanding the Australian dialect.

    Ha! Kidding.

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