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Sometime over the next day or two this blog will hit 10,000 on the counter. And what a fun journey it has been so far. ;) If you’re the 10,000th visitor make sure to leave a comment!

It is really cold here at the moment, something like 6 degrees. My fingers are ice cold. I think it must be snowing in the snowy mountains and a quick look at the webcams show that they did get snow yesterday, and no wonder because it was something like -4 degrees.

I had this dream last year that I went to the snow with the other half and for some reason Guy Sebastian was there skiing. Odd. But me just typing what I typed above reminded me of that dream so strongly that I went on a little Guy Sebastian you tube trip down memory lane. ;) I tried to find something nice to put here so it wasn’t a wasted journey but nothing felt right, so no music for you. Sorry about that. :)

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One thought on “10,000 visitors

  1. Thanks for your comments over there! Ooh, nice to seeyou found me from Nablapomo! LOL i wimped out after a few days. I’ll try next year!

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