Today’s task

I’m still working on adding all the blogs I read to my sidebar. It’s taking longer than I thought because I want to comment on each blog at the same time. Today I’m doing the blogs in the category of Nablopomo in my google reader. These are ones I found during Nablopomo and ended up adding to my reader because I loved them so much. They’re a real mixture of blogs and people.

When I do find out how to sign up for Nablopomo this year I’ll blog about it. It was a worthwhile thing last time but I found out too late to take part so I ended up making my own challenge, which was to comment on every blog participating, sometimes commenting on 100 blogs a day. It was overwhelming but I did keep it up for the whole month. ;) Still did not make it through all the blogs though. There were so many!

Anyway if you get here and I’ve commented on your blog but you can’t find yourself in the list of blogs on the sidebar, it’s because I’m putting them into the list and then updating when I have the whole lot done. If I save the changes each time I make one it will take far too long. :) have patience, it will happen.

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