weird dream

I had this weird dream that I was supposed to fly to Queensland for a wedding, and when I got to the airport the plane was just leaving and it was the last plane for the day so I was panicking and screaming and generally freaking out. After I calm down I go to the counter and this woman says she will make sure I get to Queensland for the next day, everything will be fine.

She then hands me a piece of paper with flights and pictures of planes on it, and I find she is sending me to Queensland via Beijing on about 6 different planes and flights to get there. I think cool, I can get some duty free.

Then I start out on this mammoth journey which takes me via Alice Springs where I get on a little prop plane that seats about 4 people and I’m not scared at all! Then I get on the next plane which is huge and isn’t laid out like a normal plane would be, I can’t even describe how it was laid out in a way that would make sense, and I sit in my seat and the old people near me tell me to move over a seat because the plane isn’t full and the next thing I remember after that I was in a duty free shop trying to choose what to buy.

I think I must have woken up after that. I don’t remember getting to Queensland at all.

I just thought I should type it while I remembered it. That probably wasn’t interesting or anything but it was a really odd dream..

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