Woken from a lovely dream about being at the snow with my other half by black helicopters with big guns flying low over the house. It’s a great way to start the day. I now have a shitty other half who is having the day off and the only chore on his plate today is to sort out the Austar. See Austar have brought in new channel packages, and we can finally FUCK OFF the sport which we never watch, and save money – in fact by the time we have finished this packaging sort out, we’ll have *more* channels for *less* money. Including all the movie channels, so now it’s certain I’ll never get shiznit done.

However nothing is really that simple is it? We’re billed by Telstra for the Austar, and they don’t do these packages, so now we have to convert back to Austar, which is causing the other half to walk around growling. Yes, literally growling. Like a dog.

Then again, nothing is as bad as you expect it will be, because when he rang Austar he found they have a special line set up for conversions as so many people are doing it, and like I suggested to him before he called and while he was baring his teeth and doing the Elvis snarl, they will have a special process for it as they kind of do it for a living and it won’t be as hard as he thinks.

I tried to read all the blogs but he kept walking in here and growling and interrupting my comment leaving, so I’ve given it up for now.

Other jobs on todays agenda include – going to the special animal feed store to get Kitty Litter. They often have chickens there too, I like to look at them. Like Google, chickens are your friends. But they have every kind of feed for animals, like horses, and cows and stuff. They also sell plants and they have Bonsai. It’s a cool store and you drive to the side of it and park your car there so they can load what you buy into your car, yet it is right in the middle of town, just one street back from the main street.

Then later today we have to take the kitties to the vet. The first one I called do not make appointments. I’m not so sure about that, it might take a really long time. Kind of like going to a public hospital. However, they do seem to have 5 vets and seeing as this seems to be like an afternoon surgery I’m sure most of them will be there, so I am hopeful this will be quick, but I am doubting this whole process and thinking of calling another vet entirely. What to do?

My older cat does not love the cat carrier, or going to the vet. So much so I thought about trying to get them a home visit, but realistically that’s not going to work out too well, I think. I’m concerned about her because she’s lost a fair bit of weight. OTOH, she does have a younger kitty keeping her active, she gets a lot more exercise now than she ever has before, and she is a very picky eater. She’s never really been a fat cat. However the younger kitty literally inhales her food like some space alien with a vacuum for a mouth, and she’s getting a bit rotund. The other half takes delight in calling her fat. That’s just nasty! Then again, the younger kitty takes delight in waiting until he’s fallen asleep on his side and then curling up behind his legs so he can’t turn over without waking up, so maybe that’s her revenge. ;)

The little kitty fetches – she loves it when you bring receipts home from shopping and then make them into little balls of paper and throw them for her. She brings them back and waits for you to throw it again. I just think she needs to do more of that. ;)

I spent a little bit of time trying to choose one good experience I had as a zoo volunteer to post about to kind of make up for yesterdays downer type post. However, I have a list of millions to try and pick through. There seriously are that many. I’m still trying to choose, I’ll get back to you.

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One thought on “Grrr

  1. Getting rid of sports channels? I’d say it’s heresy, but if I’m seeing this right (this link {pdf}), $14.95 is too much to pay for just 5 channels (I’d have thought that Fox sports 1 would be included in the basic and News to be an extra – not the other way around but that’s neither here nor there).

    Here, we get 6 sports channels included in the analog cable, with the option to add 7 more on digital for (I think) $5 or $7 per month. Of course, instead of 1 ESPN and 3 Fox Sports, we only get 1 Fox Sports and 3 ESPNs; though of the 7 digital channels, 4 of them are Fox Sports.

    One satellite provider here also has the sports pack which gives you *all* the Fox Sports channels from across the country – including the Spanish-language one. Ironically, they also have an additional sports pack that sells for $14.95/month – which is just one (two if they have multiple events at one time like happened with the SA games for the Tri-Nations) network.

    I’m kinda surprised to see that they’re charging for ABC and ABC2 (though here they distribute the local channels on cable and you have to pay for that as well).

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