As much as I love cows..

there comes a point at which you have to wonder, do they love us back? How many sour milks does it take to turn a once great relationship to thanks but no, I’ll take a bottle of water instead?

So I’m at that point now. I’ve bought one too many 600ml flavoured milk drinks that have turned out to be no good. As much as I love drinking it, from now on the only milk I’m drinking is milk in my coffee, or flavoured milk I make myself.


While on the subject of drinks, I have a coffee machine which if you went out to buy a new one today it would be at least $1000 or more. It’s worth every cent when you love your coffee. This machine is great – you press one button and it grinds the coffee, makes the coffee into the little round ground up coffee nugget, pours the water through the ground up coffee nugget and then dumps the ground up coffee nugget into a little bin at the side of the machine. Then you press another button and it gets the steam ready to froth the milk. That bit we do manually but you can get attachments to the machine to do it for you as well, depends how lazy you are.

We’ve had the machine for almost two years now, since Christmas 04. I would hate to think how many coffees it has actually made but not one day has gone by where we have not made one each. This machine has paid for itself roughly 6 times since we bought it, in coffees we have not had to buy.

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