Sunday The Delivery Day

The plan for today was a photo every hour – big thanks to An Exacting Life inspiring me to do this. Some hours I forgot, sorry! ;)


We kick off the day with morning coffee in my well loved favourite mug. Sorry no photo I forgot – but above you see a photo of the mug taken when we bought it in 2006. It really does not look like this anymore, the pattern has worn off the side and it is kind of grey now instead of black. This was actually a mistake. I was meant to have a small coffee as we were travelling about 300kms today and I did not want to have to bathroom break. Epic Fail kids!


Soap delivery! How cute are these musk flavoured lifesaver soaps? Half are for me, half for Mother for Mothers Day, but we dropped them off on our way this morning.


Setting up to go and do our deliveries. These are all checked, packed, and ready to be put in the car. On one side there you can see my clipboard with the Square terminal on it which allows us to take card payments on the go.


I forgot to take a photo this hour because we were on the most terrifying bit of road I can recall having been on in some time. But I do have a jump back in time video for you. It turns out we were parked by the side of the same terrifying road when HARS flew the big 747 in to Albion Park. What an amazing day this was. But even better was that time I got to touch it with my own hands while standing underneath it.


Again I forgot this hour. Not sure exactly where we were, either. I think we lost a full hour of time! Somewhere in here we did a quick bathroom break at what used to be Westfield Warrawong. I do remember us trying to find a petrol station and failing somewhat epically on two occasions but we finally managed to refuel the car.

When I ran into the former Westfield I was a bit shocked at the levels of go back to normal folks have taken on board. Nobody was bothering with social distancing and I was one of only two people wearing a mask. I was in and out of there pretty quick but I will not be surprised if we get a major second wave in a couple of weeks.


And now I remembered to take a photo because I set me a timer, lol. :) On our way up Bulli Pass.


Having completed all the deliveries, 2:30 saw us on the Hume highway after departing Campbelltown. The speed limit here is 110km/hr FYI.


This was by far my favourite hour of the day, because it found us at Gelato Emporium getting gelato.

I had a cone. The Other Half had a shake, it took him exactly 7 minutes to consume it.


Nearly home. This photo was just past Berry.


Afternoon coffee time somewhat late. With a dark chocolate kit kat.


Wearing my comfy foot warmers in my new rug watching Helicopter ER in between answering customer queries. One of our items went viral and this has become A Thing. I am about ready to buy a pair of fresh slightly oversize gumboots so that I can wear these foot warmers everywhere I go, they won’t fit into any of my shoes sadly.


Having set up a Google Sheets for tracking the viral thing, the rest of the evening was mostly spent taking orders, chatting with customers and adding things into the spreadsheet..


Cuckoo warming herself in my lap space – she seems to love this rug. I swapped them over this week because it got very cold here.


Watching a little bit of teevee before bedtime. Actually watching it having put the laptop aside instead of multi-tasking watching it. :)

I challenge you all –

Will you take a photo an hour for one day this week? If yes, let me know in the comments! ;)

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4 thoughts on “Sunday The Delivery Day

  1. I’m so happy you did this! Wow, what a long and busy day. Did you have any meals?! I like your varied scenery. Our parks and trails reopened this weekend and everyone was out full force. We are all supposed to continue physical distancing. I am also worried about a second wave.

    It is great to see that your business has taken off!

    In Canada, the big chain of book stores is the one place you can get those foot warmers and we call them Reading Socks!
    I hear they are sold at the Barnes and Noble book stores, too. They’re a popular Christmas gift (for our cold weather Christmases).

  2. Won’t do the one photo an hour thing because I’m already swamped with hundreds of photos a day! But I love your photos and share. What busy days you’ve been having. What flavor was the ice cream? I clicked the links expected to see you somehow touching the plane as it FLEW overhead (i.e., funny camera angle). The lifesaver soaps are festive, but do they really TASTE like musk. And, if they do, how do you know? Did someone wash your mouth out with lifesaver soap?

  3. I take many photos, but I’m not sure I can commit to one every hour. I love 747s; they are my favorite plane to fly on, especially in business/first class. That gelato looks incredible! I have a collection of special coffee mugs, yet I mostly drink out of a stainless steel travel container that keeps the coffee warmer. I like hot!

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