Giggling Like A Pig

Well played Uniqlo.. sending me this email on a day that reached a maximum of 13.5C. I AM FREEZING – this time I did put in an order. $19.90 for heat tech leggings is a far better deal than $129.90 cashmere IMO. ;)

As I begin this post on Thursday I can hear the other half giggling like a pig in his room, apparently at Happy. She slipped off his desk as a surprise to herself.

Cuckoo did the same thing not long afterwards from my footspace here in the recliner.Then the two of them did zoomies around the house, plus some hide and seek. They do play together, though one can’t always tell if it is nice play or mean play.

Just a quick note about Wednesday evening – I had to kill TWO spiders as a surprise to myself and I greatly enjoyed an episode of The First 48 which was just amazing detective work. Sheer brilliance on the part of the Tulsa detectives. I adore those guys, they are all superstars.

Thursday – out super early this morning to Aldi for my friend to do her shop. I played the role of The Other Half which is to wheel the trolley, unpack it at the register and then repack it. The fact that I did this with extremely long nails without breaking a single one is an achievement worthy of a tickertape parade. :)

I did get myself some little warm sock thingys plus extra milk for us, and I scored more paper towel, tissues and TEEPEE for the parents. A quick drop off of two registered letters at the post office.

Back home to quickly put the milk away and I was back on the road to collect the awesome food from a local cafe. When I got there the cabinet looked amazing with food I had not ordered so I grabbed a couple of extra things, this one I ate for lunch.

Mushroom, feta, and proscuttio tart. SO MUSHROOMY. So good!

A pie each and half a pasty for dinner, zoom chat with the people when all I really wanted to do was chill out in front of the teev and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Groundhog Day or some old familiar classic movie.. maybe tomorrow. Although I do have a sneaky secret appointment booked for midday..

Friday –

Off early with The Other Half to do a couple of deliveries and then drop in and grab a puzzle that my moving friend is making, we can keep it safe until they are all moved in.

Returned home to pack up 3 packages ready to be posted this afternoon at the NEXUS. Then off for my sneaky appointment – I managed to get my nails done today. I cannot say anything more about that! But extremely grateful and thankful for this and here’s a pic –

Dropped the packages at NEXUS, quick stop at ALDI to collect more warm sock thingys and a set of fresh brioche buns for a hamburger dinner. Then back here to while away my afternoon with work, Judge Judy and a fresh episode of The First 48.

Saturday –

Around 10:30 I got a message from my friend who was moving that day – we had planned to use the ute and Mum’s van for a box run later in the day – to say she needed allen keys for taking her treadmill apart. So I dropped everything and raced over without having put on my specially planned moving outfit. I was just in my regular house grotties.

It turned out I never got back here to change. While I was there I put all the boxes into the garage ready for The Other Half and I to move later that day. Then I took a carload of pets to the new house (my friend has birds, one cat and one dog) and set them up safe and ready for the day.

Then I went to get the ute, then The Other half met me at the old house with the van, and in the space of an hour we moved so many boxes from the old house to the new I still can’t even believe it. We were back home having moved everything by 1:30pm.

The rest of the day was mostly work and chill out time. I have been binging Helicopter ER. I’m addicted. What a great show.

SUNDAY – You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to hear about Sunday, as thanks to anexactinglife I took a photo every hour (or so, I did forget a couple of times!) and will make a special post about Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Giggling Like A Pig

  1. Your nails look great! I would choose to get my hair trimmed (especially the bangs) if I could, but am willing to wait for my nails. I don’t have any color on them at the moment anyway. That tart looks wonderful. That’s something I haven’t done enough of–get take out from local restaurants. I’ve only done one pizza.

  2. Always cool nails. That tart… oh so good. I want one. I’m curious to know about those Uniglo products. SG is always cold in winter — especially when it gets below 15c here. A MAXIMUM of 13.5 would have us moving.

    • The leggings are incredibly warm Andrew, I am shocked because they feel like they are quite thin but it is all I need to wear and if I team it with the skivvy I’m all set! :)

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