Egyptian Statue Cat

I just walked down the hallway and looked into one of the rooms and there was Cuckoo Cat, like a statue on the shelf. An impressive yet tiny statue.

Thursday –

I got back to walking today. I did a 5km mostly made up of 100m back and forths in the one spot, on a local oval. It felt pretty nice to be out walking.

I’m going to make a point of marking out some me time in the coming days because I think it is important to get some exercise in, and because when I got back from my 5km walk, the business had not imploded upon itself. People patiently waited. I set an away from keyboard message and SHOCK HORROR actually deliberately left my phone at home.

Because I left my phone at home, the following exchange played in my head many times while I walked..

President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet : I walked to school every morning in weather colder than this.
Abbey Bartlet : From the headmaster’s house to your classroom.
President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet : That’s right, baby. Just a camel hair coat, leather gloves, a varsity scarf, and these wits.

I did not have a camel hair coat, leather gloves, a scarf of any kind, but I take the wits of President Bartlet wherever I go.

You will recall my friend Lizzy, she of the Fascinatory story. On Wednesday she got a fever and sweats. On Thursday her doctor sent her to be tested for COVID. It is now Sunday night and she still does not have the results. You better believe she is taking all of this a lot more seriously now. I am very hopeful it will turn out to be fine.

The rest of Thursday passed in a busy blur of making packages, posting packages, putting stuff aside for customers, and I cannot recall what we had for dinner.

Friday –

This time for my morning walk I called a friend to go with me. She is actually my hairdresser. She is trying to move house in the midst of all of this. We did another 5km and walked to one house she had on her list which is not very far from my house.

Weirdly while we were out, she mentioned she had a craving for a Calippo ice block – and just the day before the other half had said to me “Are you ever going to eat these Calippo in the freezer?” – I had actually forgotten all about them. So when we got home we both had a Calippo.

Another busy work day this time I got in another pomodoro of sorting through the POS system and then sorted out the deliveries for the next day. We’ve decided we will go south one Saturday and north the next one – this one was north and we hadn’t been that way for a bit so we had 8 deliveries to do.

We also decided to make a stop at *gulp* IKEA. We needed more KALLAX shelving and now is a good time to install it, while the other half is technically on Uni holidays.

Dinner was bolognese sauce over mashed potato. One of my favourite meals of all time and I have gradually convinced The Other Half to share this opinion.

Saturday –

We were on our way on time for once, deliveries all went well. The IKEA part was.. well.. weird to say the least. First let me say we were both wearing fabric masks, and I had equipped us well with wipes for the trolley and hand sanitizer.

Being an IKEA nut like both myself and Sephyroth are, I know the store like the back of my hand and we had absolutely zero trouble skipping all the pathways and heading directly for the warehouse down a secret back alley almost nobody knows about to where our item was located, which happened to be right next to where the trolleys usually are.

When we got there, zero trolleys. So we had to go looking for one. When we did find one, of course we wiped it down and raced back to where the Kallax live. The thing that took the most time was waiting for a checkout. Everyone was social distancing like they’d been doing it all their lives and surprisingly many many people had decided to ignore the idiotic advice of our Deputy Chief Medical Officer and wear masks.

We were in and out of there in 30 minutes – 20 minutes of which was waiting at the checkout. Then we strapped the Kallax to the roof racks and drove home. Pizza for dinner.

Sunday –

I managed to take most of today off. It was sheer bliss. First a 6km walk with my hairdresser friend, home to a Calippo again, then after a shower I made my own washing powder, The Other Half built the Kallax, I plonked myself in my chair and binge watched season 6 of Bosch. There were a few interruptions and I did put together a few orders for shipping tomorrow but otherwise I got to rest, recharge, relax, and refresh ready for a new week. I really needed that today.

It seems like Cuckoo needed that too, she spent a lot of the afternoon posing cutely on my lap.

Leftover pizza and two episodes of Westworld, writing this post, a small icecream then it is bedtime. I hope you are all well!

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  1. You are keeping very busy, but I’m glad you are carving out time for yourself too! I’ve found exercise to be a lifeline. I did have a camel hair coat, perhaps more than one. They were the rage in the 1970s.

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