Mid-Week Update

It really has only been two days since I posted but we’ve got a schedule so I will stick to it!

Tuesday – early morning run to the Post Office to post off 8 packages. That is the most I ever did in one hit. The post office guy seemed a little out of countenance and asked me if I had a business account. I did but never had the need to use it before, and I didn’t have the time or energy to work out the online system over Easter.

But once I got home two more postal orders came in and I gave it a try. It is super easy! I’m doing future posting online now instead and taking it direct to the local distribution centre – less people there anyway, easy to park, it is drop off and they scan it. I print my own labels at home.

One of the things that has annoyed me about posting for a while – they put a postage sticker on which shows one price but to add tracking or signature required or send a registered letter is an extra cost and nowhere do they put that extra cost on the label. This way there is no price on the label. And it looks far more professional too.

Was a less busy day for me thankfully but I had to keep running out to the mancave to print our trays. It is one every 18 minutes, so I set a clock timer and run out to take the printed tray out and put in a new piece of wood.

The other half went to work and he had a lovely chilled out day. Everyone else is working from home, he is the only one there. He can play his music. Also parking is a lot easier now.

Dinner was fish burgers on brioche buns. Yummy, kind of like a home made filet o’ fish and far far cheaper than a filet o’ fish. You seen the price of those babies lately? I think it is over $6 now. Insane!

Wednesday – up super early in the hope that packages would arrive today. Nothing on the app. Nothing arrived – sometimes he just rocks up and the app has not updated yet. Out to the mancave to print, glue and spray the trays I printed yesterday, then check everything off for deliveries we were doing today.

The app updated at 9:19am to say package on board. Well now we can’t go and do deliveries because what if it comes while we’re not here? We decide to wait until 10am and then head off, I will watch the cameras as we go. This is the first day I have felt angry about the postal situation. This package on board today was in Sydney on Friday April 3rd. WTF was it doing for over a week?

The first delivery we need to do is only about 15 minutes drive away. Part way there The Other Half has a great idea and something we’ve been meaning to do for a while – lets get a Ring doorbell. That way we can tell the driver to take the package around the back if we’re not here. A very quick dash to Bunnings, and a quick trip home to install it, and we’re back on our way. No sign of the package yet though.

This is great. We will never miss another doorbell ring again – it calls to your phone and you can also set it to record any movement within a certain area, it will take a photo and send it to you. You can dial in and watch it live too.

We had to drive through some areas which experienced the bushfires on our way to Ulladulla. I find this very hard. Even though the trees have started to sprout new growth, it is the memory of the collective trauma we all went through. There are huge sections of burned out trees, and the enormity of it.. some sections you can see it was far hotter than in others and in those areas a lot of the trees are not recovering at all. They will not return.

I was expecting todays package to be quite a big one. I was wrong. It was so small the postie had it on board. She left it on the doorstep. We’ve talked about this before. :( I had to call Dad and ask him to drop around and grab it.

We had to get milk on the way home, so while talking to them I asked did they need anything.. he said yes, Eskimo Pies. Apparently Dad claims that my mother is using these as one of her major food groups at the moment. Mother begs to differ. I think the mystery of who is actually eating the Eskimo Pies will not be solved without video evidence.

We had two deliveries at Ulladulla and then we stopped in at Hayden’s pies to replace our pie inventory. There was only one left in the freezer. I got the parents some Salted Caramel Cheesecake and some for us as well. I noticed the bakery zombies appear unable to follow social distancing rules, they just walk right up to the cabinet regardless.

We grabbed a couple of pies to eat for a late lunch, so late neither of us felt like dinner. We just had a (cut in half) slice of cheesecake each about 8:30pm and it was delicious.

Dropped the Eskimo Pies to the parents, picked up my package, returned home. Had a nice chilled out evening.

I’m really going to try and take it easy the next couple of days. We have a delivery run on Saturday and we may attempt a click and collect at IKEA on the way through to get some organising shelves.

I hope you are all doing well! No goal update today because the answer is zip, zilch, nada.

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4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Update

  1. You’re keeping busy, I see. I suppose that’s good for morale (and the bank balance) as long as you keep your distance and avoid infection.

    So you have careless people in your neck of the woods too, those who don’t keep to the rules, risking their own health and that of others. Do they have a death wish or are they just stupid?

    I like the idea of the remote-view doorbell. In our block of flats people often ring our doorbell by mistake or because they’re unsure which flat they want and it would be useful to be able to see who’s ringing so as to know whether we can safely ignore them!

    Keep well!

  2. Part of me wishes that I were as busy as you! I did mow my lawn yesterday and now it looks great. That was my accomplishment. The ring doorbell sounds ingenious; I know many people who have them. (never knew what they could do) I need milk, and ordered some in my grocery pick up but it doesn’t look like it’s available at the moment. But of course there is never a problem with my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! ;) That cheesecake looks and sounds incredible.

  3. You have been very busy. I hadn’t heard of the door bell app, which sounds like a great idea. Interesting about the business account at our ‘wonderful’ postal system. Far easier I think.

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