Holy Cheezus

I got an email titled “Work from home essentials from Uniqlo” – this was the first item in it.


Monday –

Had to take my high risk friend shopping, she really stocked up on the meats at the cash and carry. The parents wanted lamb chops and milk. I was not able to get milk for them at that store because they were closed for Anzac day and had not got their milk delivery yet, but I was unable to resist some of the cheeses they had.

I limit the amount of uncooked cheese I eat – it does bad things to my sinus – but I like to buy them for the parents, thus Holy Cheezus the title of this post. Because we’re pretty much set here I only bought some feta cheese and some ham for us purely because it looked great and was a good price and I was there anyway.

If they’d had more of the gorgeous bacon I would have bought more – not that we need more but I would freeze it for another time. Bacon is fast becoming the new Toilet Paper around here.

I had to go to the post office as well, so we did that and then a quick supermarket stop for milk.

Back home to work. Crushed pineapple, ham and cheese toasted sandwich for lunch.

5KM walk at 2pm, then afternoon coffee. Dinner was vegetable soup and cheesy garlic toast. Zoom chat with the ladies. My supplier contacted me around 9:15pm to let me know he wasn’t going to be able to ship my package the usual way as they have stopped all shipping for the time being..

..and then he said to me possibly the most beautiful word in the English language to someone still waiting for endless packages.. FEDEX. My reply was YES PLEASE!!!! Quadruple exclamation point.

Tuesday –

Today my aim was to go nowhere – donuts were home delivered super early (while I was still in the shower) then I settled in to a day of work, sorting customer queries, getting things ready to post, and OMG the last minute additions to my FEDEX package took up quite a bit of my time.

In the afternoon I did have to run to – you know, I need to give this place a name as Australia Post distribution centre is too many letters to keep typing.

I think NEXUS might be a great name for it – I took the packages to the NEXUS, dropped off doughnuts to the parents, returned home for a ZOOM session with my qualified adult, then my friend popped around to collect her donuts and informate me on her moving plans for the weekend – we are helping them move. Or I am, not sure if The Other Half will be free.

In my ZOOM session I asked my psychologist how long has it been since I last spoke to her – it was 6 weeks ago. It really feels like 6 years. So much has happened in such a short time.

Dinner was Honey & Mustard chicken with added carrots, capsicum and leek over brown rice. Which apparently we had to learn how to cook all over again as we normally just get the packets you microwave for 90 seconds. Brown rice takes 25 minutes to cook!

I watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht while I ate my dinner as the other half was watching a study seminar – shout out to my fellow Below Deck fan Sonya. :) I like the yacht but when it sails that kind of freaks me out.

Wednesday –

It is 5 weeks today since I got my nails done. They are holding up pretty well! This is why I prefer the tips only because if you just glance at them you really can’t tell they desperately need doing. Normally I would have them redone around the 3-4 week mark.

If I can make it so my only outing for the day is to the NEXUS that is a win in my opinion. In this case I dropped into the parents as well so I could order them some pre-made food for tomorrow’s market day. They loved the stuff I got them last week.

I did two work related pomodoros and really kicked some butt in those short spaces of time. The rest of the day was a lot of busy nothings.

Fish and chips for dinner, plus a Seinfeld. I hope you are all doing ok! :)

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6 thoughts on “Holy Cheezus

  1. First of all, yes we are ALL wearing cashmere as we sit here. working from home. ;)

    Second, that ham and pineapple sandwich looks delicious! That’s definitely something I’d eat. My favorite thing after Easter dinner is to take some leftover ham and pineapple and put it on a small dinner roll with some mayonnaise. MMMMM. (I coat my Easter ham, or really any ham, with mustard, brown sugar, and cloves. I then pin pineapple slices and maraschino cherries to it, which then get some cloves and a little brown sugar. This make for delicious baked pineapple!)

    • Oops. I didn’t finish that. I guess I got sidetracked on the pineapple!

      I meant to add that I need to live somewhere where donuts get delivered to my house. :)

      • If you lived in any major city in California, you could get donuts either delivered, or picked up from your favorite shop. All the donut makers are working.

  2. That sandwich is very interesting. Hawaiian pizza is one of my favorites and that is similar. I always have lots of cheese around, but what is uncooked cheese? (soft kinds?) I did have to take a close look at your nails to see the grow out. I would love to have a mani/pedi right now, mostly for the soothing massage.

  3. There should be plenty of bacon with cafes and restaurants only doing take away. I am pleased you enjoyed an afternoon of busy nothings. I am get rather tired of busy nothings.

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