Exponential Growth

Seems Scomo can’t go a day without saying something quite stupid but in this case he really put my cat among the chickens.. what I sell are not puzzles but they are pretty dang close. This has been our busiest week ever. I now sit here with paper and a pen so I can write down what people are ordering then go and put everything ordered aside once an hour or so, otherwise I’m just up and down all day and I don’t get much actual work done.

Plus I have been waiting on stock which comes from China, so all of that is thoroughly sprayed with anti bac spray once it arrives here. Not much of it has been, because there are not a lot of planes flying at the moment. I did get a big delivery in yesterday and much of it is already gone. Great for the business, great for the people being kept amused, it is keeping me very busy and I need to make sure I take actual breaks. People can just message me, arrive in my driveway, I’ll bring their stuff out, they tap their card and away they go.

I actually hit tilt today though.. There is only one of me and only so many trains I can keep running on the tracks at any one moment. I’m going to get an early night and start again tomorrow. I might need to aim for a day off and a day out soon, too.

The parents needed some items today plus I had to go post some things to customers so armed with my trusty facemask, hand sanitiser and anti-bac spray, I was off. The only thing I could not get was sultana cake mix – the shops here have completely sold out of cake mix.

I found toilet rolls! My parents think I am a superhero lol. I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time, but I know there are folks doing a loop of the local shops several times a day – they go to Aldi, little Woolworths, Big Woolworths, Coles, IGA, and then they do it all over again.

We have everything we need here already – though I did grab some extra milk and green capsicum enough for 3 weeks of pizza today – but it was a lot of hard work to make it so, and who knows how much risk was involved in that.

For some idiotic reason the supermarkets here turned off online shopping very early on when online shopping could actually be the answer to this whole problem – stop the people endlessly going to stores, stop those who are bulk buying toilet paper because you only deliver once a week to each address, and stop the risk of having to go out in the world among the other people. Protect the supermarket staff from all the germs, remove the cash from the equation..

But I guess the big brains in charge aren’t thinking outside the box.. :)

I do not have to leave the house again until Friday morning when I have to drop the parents car off to be serviced, but then it will be back here pretty quickly until we have to go and collect it later that day. I will update you again on the weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Exponential Growth

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Reminds me I need to finish up a post I started last week.

    The whole online shopping thing is frustrating in here in the US, at least in my state. They’re still doing it, but so much is out of stock so why even bother? The warehouse club I use, Sam’s Club, is particularly frustrating. It shows on their website that they have toilet paper available, but it’s marked “low stock.” I add it, and some other items, to my online cart. When I go to check out, most of my items are removed from the cart because they’re out of stock. Then WHY does it say they’re in stock?? Mark them as out of stock!!

  2. Stores here in California are beginning to see inventories go back up. I didn’t see bare shelves when shopping on Tuesday except for eggs. I can only figure the chickens have gone into shelter-in-place, too, and aren’t sending their eggs out!

  3. Every day it seems there is a new idiotic remark by our President, so I’m with you there. I’m glad business is good and wish I enjoyed puzzles. I’m reading some mysteries and not feeling guilty about ignoring more literary works that I should be reading. My brain needs the comfort!

  4. I wonder if the reason for stopping online shopping was as a result of lessons learned here in the UK. What happened with us was that online slots got absolutely swamped, leaving those who actually needed to use them – the most vulnerable from the virus, keyworkers who should not be exposed to more people than necessary, and those looking after the very vulnerable among others – completely unable to get slots. It’s taken a few weeks for the supermarkets to be able to get control of the situation and only now are they starting to be able to roll out prioritising the delivery slots to those who need them as an essential rather than those who just want them because it’s easier.
    I saw toilet roll in a shop here today earlier – first time in literally weeks!
    (And apologies if this comment posts twice – looks like comments I have left previously haven’t shown up, so I’m trying again logged into my google account)

  5. Are most countries now run by idiots? Sure seems that way. I do three jigsaw puzzles a day. They can be had online and printed for the kids. But essential?!? Scott Morrison and Donald Trump must be brothers from another mother!

  6. The initial response by supermarkets with a free for all and survival of the fittest was a disgrace. Maybe someone banged some heads together and they seem to be doing a reasonable job now, here at least. You are right. Online ordering for most people under a certain age with a weekly delivery could have saved so much angst in the community.

  7. People in supermarkets here are stupid. They bunch together in aisles, blocking the way and preventing a quick in and out. They don’t get social distancing at all and yes, they buy case after case of canned foods, who knows? Maybe they have big families.

    I read an interesting article about the TP shortage the other day. They said that is probably isn’t about hoarding, it’s about whole families being home when they aren’t usually home and using the bathroom during times of day that they would be at school or work or out to lunch or whatever. Makes me hate them a little less but they are still posting people at each pallet brought in to make them play fair. A friend scored me some this week so I feel pretty safe for a couple months at least.

    Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch. I’m still writing in my head, I will get there eventually.

  8. I sometimes think that politics is too important a matter to be left to politicians who are in general a pretty unimpressive bunch. The pandemic has really put them through their paces and they have come up wanting.

    Happily for us, there is a lot of entertainment available on the Internet, including puzzles of various kinds, if that is something that floats your boat. I content myself with a daily sudoku but I know there’s a lot more to be had to save us venturing out of doors.

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