Finally Home

From our outing on Wednesday – bushfire regrowth.

Thursday –

I had to run to the actual post office – for some reason you can’t send a registered letter online from your business account, only packages. So while I was there I attempted to get the very few remaining items I was unable to get on Wednesday – there were three for us, and one for the parents. Glen 20 was one, Aldi tissues was another, the final item was mushrooms.

The parents hoped for more toilet paper, even though they still had some left from previous buys, they normally have heaps more on hand. They are Costco shoppers from way back and are used to having 6 months supply in the house, in fact were still working their way through their Costco supply when all this started.

I managed to get all of these items and a local cafe was doing a market day so I went in and grabbed the parents a bunch of pre-made meals – zucchini and bacon slice, soups, desserts, and they threw in some free scones.

I came home and cut up my mushrooms – I now have 4 weeks supply in the freezer which is on the low side for me, I like to have 6 months in there! – and then did a couple of pomodoros, finishing up my business admin task which got put aside a couple of weeks ago for more pressing tasks.

We had a quick dinner of pasties with cheese and then I went to zoom chat with my ladies.

Friday –

The bliss of not having to go anywhere, not having to go to the post office or the dispatch centre, not having to run and get random groceries.. what a magical day this was. I got SO MUCH stuff done.

I had about two thousand dollars worth of new stock I ordered which had to be.. hmm how do I describe that process? Named and given a product code, then photos taken, then entered into the spreadsheet and priced, then entered into the Point Of Sale software, then added to the photo album.

Sometimes I am just not in the right mood to name things. I’ve named over 500 items now and there are only so many names I can come up with. But this day the names came to me fairly easily and when that is happening I know to just run with it and not stop till they are all done. I was on a roll and kept working till 9pm.

Not having names appear is how the above kit came to be named new kit 2. Yes, there were new kit 1 and 3 on either side of it. ;) I was completely tapped out that day.

I did squeeze in dinner which was frankly, quite epical. Baked potatoes filled with leftover savory mince from Tuesday night topped with cheese.

Saturday –

Started the day off with a great message from a friend who asked if I wanted to walk, absolutely I did! We did a 7km hike through her neighbourhood. It was absolutely stunning out there.

As we were on the home stretch my ring doorbell told me that someone was at the door – a customer. We walked a little bit faster and I sorted that, then we sat and chatted for a bit. My friend wanted to go to Bunnings but we talked her out of it because it was nearly midday on a Saturday and we knew it would be chaotic madness – we had what she needed in the shed! – and I saw later from someone else’s post on social media we did the right thing because Bunnings was once again packed.

Spent the afternoon doing the final piece of my process – uploading the things to the photo album, and now I’m all set, don’t have to do that job again for a while. We had extended afternoon coffee without an interruption, then pizza dinner and Westworld. Though my legs are a little achy from the walk I am starting to feel very good mentally about not having to do any shopping for a bit.

I know some folks don’t do well with the staying at home and only exercising near home. I tend to enjoy staying at home for the most part even in non-COVID times but I also really used to enjoy shopping trips.. but now, with my germophobia ramping up anytime I get near a supermarket or post office or shop of any kind.. stocking up week is where I don’t do well mentally.

Sunday –

I got two packages this morning. Finally some stock arrived. It wasn’t as much stock as I hoped it would be. The rest of the day I pretty much rested, I needed a good day off BUT I did get one of my goals done YAY.. :) This is my much reduced finally cleaned bookcase – all the books I had in digital format got donated to charity last year.

Leftover pizza for dinner. Also, ordered some bracelets online. ;)

Random Thoughts –

I’m thinking we should go to get tested for COVID – not that I think we have it but we have both had an ongoing ear nose and throat thing for about 4 weeks now and they are encouraging people with specific symptoms to get tested. My only symptom is the sore throat. We’ll ponder this concept over the next few days and make a decision on it.

I do have to take a friend to the shop tomorrow morning. She touches nothing. I touch the things. She points at what she wants, I put it in the cart. That is how that is going to go. She is high risk but needs meat.

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5 thoughts on “Finally Home

  1. The experts seem divided as to whether, having recovered from the virus, one has immunity. It seems likely that one does not or, at best, only slightly.

    If that is so, then testing doesn’t get you very far. At best it tells you that you that don’t have the disease now… or that you do.

    Recovered patients also remain infectious to others for up to two weeks after the symptoms subside – something worth bearing in mind if you have had it and are recovering.

    Our best hope remains a vaccine, supposing a successful one can be developed and then produced in the quantities needed. In the meantime, keep on keeping away from other people! That’s a message which so many people seem to find hard to understand.

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