Stocking Up This Week

These arrived on Monday. With all the extra handwashing hand cream is a thing I’m using a lot of at the moment and a friend was having a virtual Le Reve party on Zoom. The mango lime is my favourite flavour thus far.

I couldn’t even remember how long it has been since all this started now so I went back and checked. March 20th was my first COVID post here.. That means today we are coming up on 4 weeks since we stocked up. So it is time to stock up again this week.

I began to think it might be time last weekend because when we were making pizza, we discovered we had run out of shredded cheese! Luckily I’d bought some gluten free mozzarella plus tasty block cheese for our FEBRUARY pizza night which had been saved in ziploc bags waiting for the next pizza night which of course never happened. That was still ok so we were able to grate that and use it on the pizza.

Monday –

I had to post a package and that place is right around the corner from the bulk cash and carry so right before I left, I checked in with my parents to see if they needed anything. Milk and eggs was the request, both of which the cash and carry has.

Seeing as I was there I stocked up on a few things for us – fresh mince meat, chicken breast was on special so I got those things for both households, I got us a chicken to roast, milk and eggs, some mozzarella cheese, and I got a Milklab almond milk for us (me) to try for coffee. I really wanted Macadamia milk but there wasn’t any – I would like to try that.

I’m usually a person with plenty of spare packet biscuits in the house but surprisingly we had run out of those too, so I grabbed some Melting Moments and some rice crackers.

I dropped those things off at the parents, then back here to roast my chicken slowly. Obvs, roast chicken dinner with potatoes.

Tuesday –

My day started off right with a delivery of doughnuts – this time we got lemon curd, nutella and vanilla bean. These are not all for me – I have distributed them in a socially distanced way to friends and family. I got 3 lemon curd doughnuts. I was only meant to have two but the parents decided they only wanted one of each flavour so there was a spare lemon curd. They are so delicious and not too sweet that is why I love the lemon curd ones. :)

Work & customers, setting up the delivery run for Wednesday, the parents dropped in to grab their doughnuts, a package arrived for me, afternoon coffee with a doughnut, savory mince for dinner then tried to resist eating my second doughnut.. I settled for sharing one with The Other Half for dessert.

Wednesday –

What a massive day we’ve had today. A delivery run down south so we can skip it this weekend, plus a big stock up grocery shopping for two households. It took us two hours to do the shopping across two stores. Our normal shopping takes 45 minutes to go to two stores.

The hope is that we can now stay here for at least the next week without having to go anywhere other than dropping packages at the Australia Post depot, though The Other Half does have to go to work next Tuesday. Our household is set for the next 3-4 weeks other than perhaps an occasional milk top up. The parents probably not so much, they have a smaller fridge so can’t keep as much fresh stuff as we can.

I’m completely exhausted and it is bedtime here. Hopefully on Sunday I can report getting some of the goals finished as I really want to get stuck into jobs and chores the next few days.

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5 thoughts on “Stocking Up This Week

  1. I buy enough produce to last a week, but like Kathy G, we eat a lot of fresh produce and so run low by the next shopping trip. My plan for Thursday is to drive across town (something I have not done while in lockdown) to buy fresh strawberries and make jam.

  2. I was trying for 2-3 weeks without stepping into a store but I did pick up twice to do that. I’ve found no way to get what I need though. So, I braved a trip a few days back and found TP, my favorite drinks, and lots of veggies. Doughnuts, yum!!

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