Flying By..

Is it just me, or are the days going by so fast now?

So much happening with the business, very little time for myself. Where did I leave you last?

Thursday –

Many customers to the studio in the morning. Delivery run to Shellharbour in the afternoon. Dropped into Warrawong to get potatoes – purchased 15kg will be set for a while. They were $5.98 a 5kg bag which is a bargain here at the moment. Dropped one bag into parents. Picked up our Empanada kit the farmers market was absolutely packed. Returned here to more customers

In the evening we had our ZOOM chat – no Silvertiger, I was not aware of the security issues. I only use it to run chats and don’t give it email addresses,I don’t use Apple so I think it will be ok. But I’ll have the other half investigate further. By the time this chat was over, I was so tired I went right to bed.

Friday – Easter Friday. We were open, had a few customers. I made a large vat of vegetable soup. Friday afternoon I worked on sorting through all my work related photos and putting all the inventory photos into one folder all together, listed by price and product name. I finished this by the end of the afternoon and DAYUM it feels great to have that organised finally.

Whatever happens we will be a much better organised business at the end of COVID-19.

Saturday – On this day we were delivered some Hot Cross Bun doughnuts from a local business. They were amazing. We then made empanadas for dinner. Also amazing. I couldn’t really say what else I did, everything is blurring together now. Lesson learned, write these days daily into this post! :)

Sunday – Leftover empanadas for lunch, long day of business related works started off by a home delivery to a customer at 8:50am then organising a delivery run for Easter Monday. Home made pizza for dinner.

Monday – 5 home deliveries done before 10am, back home to open the shop, work work work, leftover pizza for dinner. And here I sit while it cooks writing this post.

Goal Posts Moving

New goals kind of overtook the goals I had already set.

The photo sorting was the start of a bigger job. This is a part of getting our Square system ready for integration into a new business website. The next task involved going through each individual item of inventory, adding photos and a description and a category, and deleting anything no longer needed. I’m getting there. One more 25 minute pomodoro and I think I will have this finished.

So these goals still remain –

2. Dust my bookshelf – personal – Still not achieved.

3. Sort out the studio shelves – business – Still not achieved.

Bonus goal –

4. Have one uninterrupted afternoon coffee – personal/business – YAY I did this. :)

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3 thoughts on “Flying By..

  1. Oh, the food. It looks SO good. Days are not necessarily flying by here. But we don’t have jobs or a business to run to help time pass. We are however, staying as busy as we can and getting SOME things done. I HAVE dusted all the bookshelves… (Well, I won’t attempt SG’s office because it would take an hour to move everything and then move everything back!)

  2. Your food looks delicious. I miss more variety of food; since I’m cooking/preparing everything myself, there are no surprises, like when going to a restaurant and ordering something new off the menu. I haven’t done much of anything except some yard work. The weather is nice right now, so I prefer to be outside. When it starts raining, perhaps I’ll get more motivated to clean up and organize inside! Maybe.

  3. I agree that the days are going faster, but in our case it is because we are not starting a day as we normally would. There seems no rush to do anything. It is good that you have a focus. As Quentin Crisp once said something like, the dust on the furniture after a few months doesn’t get any worse.

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