Trying To Keep Up

I would love to say I’ve put myself on a no-news diet but the truth is, I simply don’t have the time for watching any news at the moment. I’m only managing a maximum of an hour and a half, sometimes two hours, of television a day and I prefer it to be quality viewing.

A big surprise delivery on Monday of work stock plus a couple of runs to the post office cancelled out most of Monday.

Tuesday was meant to be a stay at home day but suddenly I had three packages that needed to be posted. I got my home delivery of food this day but they forgot a couple of things.

Why yes, that is a 5 KILO bag of pasta. We will not run out anytime soon.

There was also a moment on Tuesday that had me bolt out of my chair like a horse scared by a snake and literally run to get my credit card. I got this email –

The lady in the store had told me to order it quickly and I took her quite literally. Turns out I could have taken my time because I checked again at the end of the day and they still had 55 rolls left in stock.

I ordered 4 rolls for us and 4 rolls for them. I thought I was maybe pushing the limits there and I didn’t know if they had an amount you were allowed to order but to be fair these 4 rolls would last us about a month so I thought that was a good amount. When I went to pick up the rolls, the person before me had TWO BOXES of 18 rolls. Dude, you’re part of the problem.

So this morning I had to run to the delivery store to get my missing items and then to Centaur to get the TEEPEE then drop half of that to the parents then back here where I discover more people want things posted so I make that happen then back to the post office again, then return here to await customers.

Tomorrow we do another delivery run and also grab our Empanadas on our way home. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday HAPPY DAYS WE GO NOWHERE. I am quite determined.

Pretty much an epic fail on the goals front. I achieved just one of the goals though it is the one I think will make the most difference at the moment –

The desktop is clear. Yay! My mind feels better.

So these goals remain –

2. Dust my bookshelf – personal

3. Sort out the studio shelves – business

Bonus goal –

4. Have one uninterrupted afternoon coffee – personal/business – Still not achieved.

I’ll check in on Sunday, hope you are all doing well. :)

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4 thoughts on “Trying To Keep Up

  1. You sound way busier than I am! Last night I went through over 2 years of emails, deleting and organizing some of them into folders. I don’t think I need flight information for a trip two years ago. There is still more to do though. I also dusted off the tops of my candles. :) TP is still a big score around here, and to be celebrated.

  2. Yes, still seeing some people buying far more than they need, and I don’t mean just a well stocked cupboard. We find it so hard to be motivated to do anything at home, but I have done a few bits and pieces.

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