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I’m so excited about this Empanada box. Even Mitchell could make these. :) I ordered two as soon as I saw it because I like the traditional beef but it has olives in there, The Other Half will not like those. He got pulled pork. This will be a tasty dinner for us next week plus there is enough there for me to take the parents half the batch.

This is smart thinking – Ola Chola tend to do a lot of food markets many of which are now cancelled but this way their customers can make their food at home. I wish a lot more food stalls would do this.. it would be awesome.

My parents are a bit cuckoo also. Dad called me Thursday morning and said hey, the reject shop are advertising toilet rolls for $7.50 for a 24 pack. It starts today, he said. Can you go and see if they have any? Well I did need to go to the post office so I said I would do a loop of the shops just to see if they had any. I asked one of the staff – did the toilet rolls come in? Yes, they were here at 8:30 and gone by 8:31. Don’t know if we are getting any more.

I did the full loop of all the supermarkets, I did not find any toilet roll. Insert Fail Whale here.

I had to do a second run to the post office late Thursday, we had to take the parents car to be serviced on Friday, Saturday we went nowhere at all for an entire day and it was sheer bliss except for the fact that I spent the entire day doing business admin work plus uploading photos to our website and listing products.

Sunday we had to do some deliveries for my business which turned out to be a 4 hour round trip with multiple stops along the way but not a single toilet stop yay me! On the way home I called the parents, they needed juice and bread so I dropped the other half home – he is finishing a Uni assignment – and I ran off to get those things.

I think now is a good time to do some goal setting. I’m making use of to-do lists for business admin related things but Saturday marked the last of those tasks at least for the time being, so it is a good time to set some personal and also business goals. We will check in on these on Wednesday!

1. Clean up my computer desktop – personal

Clearly this job needs doing, I am a couple of files from having no space left!

2. Dust my bookshelf – personal

No photo maybe once it is dusted because it really needs it!

3. Sort out the studio shelves – business

Also no photo and boy does this job need doing as a matter of urgency. If everything has a home it is much easier to put it back home each time.

That is three tasks for three days, I think fair to keep it small to begin with. Plus I do not know – I have some stock that has landed in Sydney and if that rocks up here it could eat into my time somewhat, plus customers. But let me add a bonus goal –

4. Have one uninterrupted afternoon coffee – personal/business

This past week we’ve not had one afternoon coffee time that was sacred. People called or popped in or suddenly ordered something which needed to be packed and posted – that was Thursday because one lesson I have learned – never post something on a Friday or Saturday.

In coming weeks I would like to –

Clean & sort the store room – business

Clean the bathrooms & toilets – part business part personal – the business has a toilet and bathroom, we have one just for us.

Reorganise the wardrobes

Empty the drawers out to rescue my earrings that fell down the back & clean off the top of the drawers.

Hang the acrylic pourings (this is an Other Half task)

Put up a picture rail in the studio (also an Other Half task)

If you want to set some goals on your blog I will be excited to read them and encourage you to reach for them. :)

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Should your blog be listed here? Leave me a comment and it will be next time. :)

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5 thoughts on “Smart Thinking

  1. I admire your list of goals; I think it would help my feelings of rootlessness to make some. Yesterday I dusted off the top of my candles, and called that a win.

  2. Ha! You are so very witty. And so very correct! I might even enjoy cooking those empanadas. SG is right now cooking paella, not from a box. Also, i was stunned to see what you computer desktop looks like. I would have expected you to have a very orderly one. SG’s is so bad, there are now three layers of icons. I can’t even look at it.

  3. Setting goals may be one way of dealing with being cooped up much of the time. I think, though, that one should leave room for whimsy and the occasional spontaneous piece of frivolity because goals can become routine and routine can become boring and make the situation even more miserable.

    I never was good at housework. With housework, you’re really on a hiding to nothing: you clean up today and – oops! – it needs doing all over again on the morrow. So you might as well not have bothered in the first place. Strangely, though, I am good at washing the dishes. I get a strange sort of satisfaction out of taking a set of mucky plates, cups, pans and cutlery and rendering them sparkly clean.

    Thanks, by the way, for including my blog on your list :)

  4. I see you are busy! And errands for parents as well. Is there a TP shortage again? What is Corona? You can list mine if you want. Good luck with goals. I always list mine. lol It’s hard to get things done but I keep trying!

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