Life Is Somewhat Different Now.

This week I focused on the pantry, fridge and freezer. First we did a stocktake of these places on Tuesday..

Tuesday night Scomo (our useless-in-my-opinion Prime Minister) announced that nail salons would close midnight Wednesday. I immediately messaged my nail lady and booked in for first thing the next morning. Look, there are very few things I do for myself when it comes to health and beauty and nails is the top of my list. I don’t do them for other people, I do them for me. I love to look down and see good healthy strong nails with a nice manicure. It is good for my mental health.

BUUUUT The Other Half was very unhappy that I was going to the nail salon. Every time he has been past there people are packed in like sardines. The only way he would agree that I could go was if I would wear a mask. I did already have fabric masks on order from a lady I know who does Markets – Besgrove Embroidery – they were due to arrive on Wednesday but it was only Tuesday. You can still order them via her Facebook page if you want one.

She had put a post up late last week and boy did the keyboard warriors give her a scolding. So much so she took the post down, but I had already ordered mine and also told everyone I knew, some of whom wanted to order them. We ended up doing one package to me and I gave them out to the folks when they got here. We’ve added some copper wire to ours to keep them in place over the nose.

But my Mother had told me, she had some old not used surgical masks from when Dad was unwell in 2011, and I figured those would still work just fine. So I dropped over to pick one up first thing Wednesday.

It turned out three of the five people in the nail bar were people I am in regular contact with through my business and I had spent two and a half hours in their company on Monday night, so that certainly eased his mind somewhat. I also had brought along spare masks for them to keep and use in the coming days, at least until our fabric ones arrived.

I already had a haircut booked in for Wednesday- my normal “chop it all off before it begins to get too cold and I have to use the hairdryer” appointment. My hairdresser and her daughter are both customers of my business and they were also here on Monday night. They were the only other people in the salon, which eased The Other Half’s mind a little. I was in and out of there in 45 minutes.

While I was sitting there I realised.. The Other Half isn’t going to let me back out to do anything else, so I better run all the errands I can before I go back home. I went to one supermarket for milk, bread and potatoes. Milk was limited to 2×2 litres. I went to a cash and carry bulk buy place for beef mince, chicken breast, more milk and calamari. I managed to get eggs there too. Then I dropped all of these groceries at my front door for The Other Half to de-germ, while I headed out to one last supermarket.

All three of the supermarkets I went to, there were other people wearing masks, some of them quite elaborate and fancy and in one case like a genuine wartime gas mask.

You cannot smile at others while wearing a mask, because they cannot see your mouth. You have to learn to SMIZE as Tyra Banks would say. Smile with your eyes.

When I got to the final supermarket a fellow mask wearer congratulated me on my wearing a mask – finally another sane person she said. Is it sane? I’m not sure, but I’m not taking any chances here. I will err on the side of caution. I will sanitize and disinfect and take off all my clothes and wash them right away in the laundry – which I did as soon as I got back from the final supermarket. I will not go to Bunnings on the weekend unless it is a true hardware emergency. I will only go to the supermarket if I must.

Speaking of supermarket musts, that same Wednesday at 6pm the pair of us headed to Aldi for one final shop. There wasn’t much left in the way of meat but we did manage to get almost everything we wanted with the exception of tissues and green capsicum (peppers) – they did have some but they were Not Great.. I think we are good here for at least two possibly four weeks now.

We did use the hand sanitizer a lot, and I am lucky because I love Bath and Body Works so much, I have a very good supply of that and hand wash here at home. I stocked up on our last visit.

Thursday, I had to post something to a customer, so while I was out I sourced tissues and also grabbed bread and milk for the parents. I dropped that in to them plus a “mighty roll” of paper towel.

Thursday afternoon I went to the Berry Farmers Market. It was like a big chess game, with boxes drawn on the ground and you could move to the next box when it was empty. I got more eggs, some more mince meat and steaks, and then some incredible veggies, really enormous carrots and scored some brussel sprouts yay. Here is a photo from the Kiama one which was set out the same –

The fridge is now completely full. The freezer has a little space left but not much.

Friday was a day at home. Saturday we had deliveries to do, and these went from here all the way to Campbelltown. The one rule I made for myself at the start of this – NO public toilets at all. I will not go into one. And while we were out for almost 5 hours, I did manage to adhere to this rule. That brings us to today, another stay at home day..

So anyway since I wrote the above there have been developments. We are now supposed to stay at home.

Now all the days will be stay at home days. In many ways this is a good thing. I guess we’ll see what happens next. But we certainly were prepared for this announcement. Do I think it will stop the folks endlessly traipsing from shop to shop looking for toilet paper? No, I don’t.

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7 thoughts on “Life Is Somewhat Different Now.

  1. I love Bath & Body Works hand soap! I counted them a few months ago and I have 18 of them under one sink! I was able to get two 5-packs of their mini hand sanitizers, which was just the luck of logging in early in the morning.

  2. I miss my mani/pedis but mostly for the relaxation of the hand, arm, foot and leg massage. Psychologically, it’s better for me when my nails look good too. I wish I could predict how long this stay at home order will last. Our governor is talking about having to extend it. There were lots of new cases yesterday. We have a huge divide between the blue and the red areas of the state, and the red ones are getting F grades for social distancing. They must still believe our Idiotic Leader that it’s a hoax. The problem is that they endanger the rest of us and extend the quarantine. :( It sounds like you are set to hunker down!

  3. I learned yesterday, when I went to my hairdresser’s in-house salon where she works alone, that even those are being required to close down and if she doesn’t, she could lose her license. It scared her enough to cancel all appointments after Saturday. Who knows what I will look like without my 5 week color and cut.

  4. OK, your nails look great but I hope you can do them yourself until this is over. Our salons are all closed. When SG went shopping yesterday, there were three people wearing WWII-era gas masks. What a bizarre thing to see.

  5. Life is very different now, isn’t it? We are home as well for at least 2 more weeks, and maybe longer. Here’s hoping we can keep each other sane! In the meantime Jay and I are almost certainly going to end up cutting each others’ hair. That can’t possibly turn out well for her.

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