The Staying In Chronicles Part 1

Who knows how many parts this will have in the end? :)

If you are going to join in and blog during this time of self isolation, comment below and I will link to your blog in future installments. It could be interesting for all of us to keep up with how we’re doing together.

9:00AM – I have developed a rather intense need to hunt and gather.

I’m doing a big kitchen stocktake today, to see what we actually need. I suspect the truth is I have already hunted and gathered and can remain calm at home instead. When we next shop we will stock up as much as we can, and then we are staying in as much as possible.

Eggs are a big thing for us, we eat a lot of them and our chooks are not laying at the moment. If I can get a few cartons I will feel better. I’m going to try the farmers market on Thursday where 12 free range eggs cost $10 instead of $6.40 but in this case I am just going to suck it up and pay the extra. Peace of mind is important too.

We have already baked our first bread loaf on Saturday and we ate the last of that yesterday. Bread is not usually a thing for us, especially for me. We’ll limit the loaves to one a week and just eat it in a clump. :)

Also on the agenda for today is washing, which I will rise from the recliner at some future moment to tackle. But right now Cuckoo Kitten is in my footspace – she is very sooky today and I’m just going to enjoy that for now.

4:00pm – Kitchen stocktake is complete. We’re looking pretty good for staples and tinned foods, though I still have one cupboard to do. Chicken Roaster is in the oven. We only have 5 potatoes left so.. that is on the to-buy list.

5:00pm – the other cupboard is complete. Happy days.

If you are looking for something to listen to, Tom Hanks was on the Clear + Vivid podcast recently, and this week Betty White is the guest. I’m about to go listen to that now. I’ll probably post again on Friday and let you know how things are going here. :)

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6 thoughts on “The Staying In Chronicles Part 1

  1. You already know that I’m blogging; thanks for stopping by. I think we will read back over our posts from this time with fascination. I want to capture what’s happening and how I’m feeling. I have eggs, but am running low on cheese. I may have to go to the store in a few days.

  2. Wow, you look very well prepared for any confinement. I keep only a small amount on hand at a time, buying as I need items.

    As for eggs, we use a dozen every month or so and I’m down to the last three that I probably bought before Valentine’s Day. There are no eggs in any of the markets where I have shopped. Oh well. Good thing there are some there for people like you who like them. I will just wait for awhile before making pies, as that’s where most of my eggs are used–raisin pie, pecan pie, cream pies.

  3. We have enough to last for two weeks but generally the shelves have been filled. No eggs at Coles or Woolworths yesterday and we had run out, but the Asian green grocer had plenty.

  4. Hmmm. I didn’t realize my comment never posted. Anyway, I’m trying to get back to blogging, especially now that I’m home all the time and recovering from surgery. I’ll try to get a post done very soon!

    Stores around here are very bare. Thankfully I stocked up on everything because I was having surgery this month. Had I not, I’d be having a big problem finding things I need right now. It’s ridiculous.

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