Cup Clean Out


Having cleaned out the mug cupboard, it felt like it was time to keep going with some decluttering and donating. I moved on down to the next cupboard – the cup cupboard.


Kitty supervisor was otherwise engaged and oddly chose not to wake up from her long sleep in front of the gas heater. It was a cold day so I understand, but I need to be supervised!


I took all the cups out and put them on the counter. Many of them are the IKEA Vaken which has been available in different colours (and names I think) over the years.


These cups above and below are from Costco – it was this set. My parents have the same set. The tall cups are favourites of The Other Half. To be specific, he loves the tall blue ones. He also has a tall blue acrylic cup not seen here and I have a matching pink one which can be seen in the overview shot above next to the purple travel coffee mug. He likes to use one cup a day. I’m more of a three cup a day person.


I like to use the small version of these cups when I visit my parents. At home I prefer the Vaken because they hold exactly 2 cups of liquid, it makes it easier to track my water intake.


These are the IKEA KALAS childrens cup. They are part of the Kalas range of childrens tableware. I have many MANY of the KALAS plates and bowls. These cups hold exactly 250mls so they are also great as a measuring cup. The whole range is microwave and dishwasher safe.


Here is the finished cupboard – much neater, and much easier to use. I’ve sorted it into sections, which will make life a lot easier for me. :)


Goodbye cups! Thank you for everything. :)

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6 thoughts on “Cup Clean Out

  1. This exercise would have been a lot easier for me than your mug clean out. We, too, did the cup clean out before moving to Spain. I’ve tried doing it at my mother’s apartment, but I just can’t win there.

  2. I have only four plastic cups, they’re a set and quite large, like a milkshake cup. Everything else on that shelf is glass, I had sets of four and gave away half when I moved here, so now i have sets of two, plus a couple of single favourites.
    I kept the set of four Mickey Mouse glasses that were available from Hungry Jacks in the 80s and got rid of all the jam jar style glasses.

  3. I did a cup and glass purge a little while back and updated with some matching IKEA sets including the classic KALAS (plus the plates and bowls) for my daughter. So satisfying. We also have some matching Coke glasses in 60s style coloured glass that were a McDonald’s promo which I understand is a bit bogan but they are so pretty, I can deal with it.

    • I have those coke glasses too – I just can’t use them. If it is glass, there is a 99% chance I will drop it and break it within a couple of weeks. Mine are still in their packets, lol! ;) safer that way..

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