Mug Keepers

Continued from last week – we now have the mug keepers.


These mugs come from Haven & Space in Berry. They are not very expensive – I think I paid $3.95 for them. There are three different sets – the emus seen here are part of a “hearts” set, and the beetles are part of a “bugs” set. I believe we did once have the four heart mugs, however, daredevil adventures killed them, and we only have this one left.


These two sets have a small image on the inside of the mug.


Dragonflies and bees!


Beetles and butterflies!


Then we have the Geisha set. Some of these mugs met with daredevil adventures. I went back to Haven and Space hoping to replace them and sadly they were all gone.. some months later on another Berry visit, they were back and I managed to replace the missing ones. Plus I bought a set for my Mother, who also has some of the mugs from the bugs and hearts sets.


The two tall mugs on the outside were both Secret Santa gifts. They have gone a lot of places with me over the years, to several different work places. The stripey mug in the middle is my favourite cup of soup mug. I am not sure where the flower mug came from though I know it once had a partner. These are my sentimental keepers.


These were a gift, there were two more but they met an untimely daredevil adventure death.


These two were a gift, though I think there may have been 4 originally. They are a great size so they are definitely keepers.


These mugs are all from IKEA. They are the workhorse of our mug collection, and you can kind of tell on the TILLBAKA mugs at the top there, they are getting old. The bottom mugs are called the IKEA 365+ mug.


These are the non-mugs – lids from my Nutri Ninja live within them.

And now to mention my most favourite mug of all. Most mornings this is the mug I drink my coffee from, but we only have the one gorgeously huge IKEA mug – I used to have two of them but one got broken. In fact I can even tell you when I bought these because I posted about it on the blog.


It isn’t looking too bad for nearly 9 years of constant, regular use. All the other mugs are lesser mugs compared to that one mug. And every time we go to IKEA, I have this tiny bean of hope in my heart, that I might find another one. But I never have. :(

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9 thoughts on “Mug Keepers

    • I always wondered – for the past 9 years – how much my favourite held but I never had checked.. it is 500ml. I have some Corelle soup bowls which I love for soup, bonus being that I have dropped Corelle for many years now and the worst I ever did was chip something. :)

  1. We have the IKEA 365+ mugs (and set of dishes). I LOVE your other collections… even the bees, although you wouldn’t catch me putting my face anywhere near that. Major allergy. I love and appreciate bees, but even bee art makes my heart race!

    • Andrew – it DOES go in there, every single day. Unbelievable, no? That is one of the best mugs I ever bought. And I discovered we actually once had 4 of them, so the loss of 3 of them to my clumsiness is very uncool. :)

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