My Hawaiian Underwear


I have not bought one single piece of underwear since November 2013. I have not bought underwear in Australia since 2010, which was my second ever trip to Oahu, the first being in the 1980’s..

Macys have these clearance racks where you can get underwear for $2-3 dollars. Underwear you would pay $15-20 a pair for in Australia. When I discovered this, I went on the largest underwear shopping spree of my lifetime.


You have to understand, I was not someone who buys underwear very often. I usually find something I like, and I buy that until it is no longer available. I will sometimes buy extra to put aside for later years, if I feel that my favourite item will suddenly cease to exist.

While I returned home with enough underwear to outfit a couple of netball teams, it has been a while and some of the underwear is starting to show their age. Not to mention, my recent weight loss is causing some fit issues.


Bra wise, I got a bunch of these Coobie bras so gorgeously displayed like a rainbow in a shop. They are my favourites for going out wear. I also bought several Genie Bras from the As Seen On TV shops over there. Those things are super comfortable, especially for around the house and workout wear.

It is really difficult to accept the fact of paying $15-20 for one pair of underwear, when you’ve bought so many for $2 and $3. I love the brands I found over there – Vanity Fair Illuminations being my favourites. Here I can buy 3 pair of those for $64 or so. When I was paying $2 a pair! NO WAY!

This post was inspired by a post from Beth at Almost Posh. There are a couple of bras to win, if you want to drop by over there!

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8 thoughts on “My Hawaiian Underwear

    • I should probably check to make sure it still is this expensive. I have not been looking for any wears in so long, it is possible prices have gone down. However the $64 for 3 was an online price I found yesterday, so I am guessing perhaps not. :) I might have to check the department stores to see if they have a clearance shelf I can check out..

    • One good thing about having so many wears, I just did a drawer shuffle and found some of the lesser worn wears that somehow made their way to the bottom, which I will rotate into the rotation! ;)

  1. Way too expensive here for sure. I have a particular brand and style I like, they come in a two-pack often on sale for $10, then I buy six two-packs and have enough to last several years. I buy the right size so they don’t get all stretched and worn out too soon.
    I get annoyed by the phrase “pair of underwear” when people are clearly referring to underpants. To me, “Underwear” is everything that goes Under your clothes; which is underpants (knickers, undies, panties, whatever you call them), bras, singlets; that’s all underwear. So if someone is buying a pair of underpants, then say so. If you are buying multiple pairs, then you can say underwear, as in I’m buying underwear, but not “pairs” of underwear.
    I cringe everytime I hear or read it.

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