Highway Sex Change..

Conversation this morning on Skype with Sephy

Sephy says: i just took a look at that link you sent me
snoskred says: you did?
Sephy says: since when is it the “princess highway”?
snoskred says: rofl ;)
snoskred says: since they gave the prince a sex change? ;)

The link I sent him was to the Rural Fire Service website about a fire that was close enough I could smell the smoke. It said –

The south bound lane of the princess highway has now been reopened.

The Princes Highway runs right down the South Coast of NSW.

They’re busy fighting fires and stuff, a spelling error is forgiven instantly but still funny. We locals all knew what they meant. And apparently non-locals too, seeing as Sephy is in the US. However he is the exception to the rule, he’s an Aussie In Training. I’d sent him the link last night but he wasn’t online at the time. He often logs in to be bombarded with a page of links and associated babble from me. ;) That’s because we’re not online at the same times since daylight saving started.

When I smelt the smoke, I came back here and logged onto the RFS website right away. What a fantastic service that is, that if you smell smoke you can find out why within instants of clicking onto a website. I’m going to add a list of links to the fire service websites around Australia in my sidebar when I get a chance.

I was going to sleep smelling the smoke and thinking of the poor animals caught in the way of the fire. It’s burnt out a fair chunk of bushland. Here’s hoping many of them got out of the way.

Fire has become quite a fear for me since moving here. Back in Adelaide we never really worried about it. This is a major difference between city and country. I find it’s been on my mind since it started warming up here, and I check the RFS website daily.

Because I’m not a local when I look at the current incidents I often don’t know where they are talking about. I have to look them up on maps.

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3 thoughts on “Highway Sex Change..

  1. Well, I have always been somewhat of an exception to the rule. ;)

    But I can appreciate that the world’s largest volunteer firefighting unit is a very busy group and proofreading isn’t the top priority, especially with 9 Class 3 incidents ongoing across the state.

  2. Sephy – That page with the current incidents really gives a good idea of how much work those guys have on their plates. They are true heroes.

    Belinda – I love your blog and thanks for commenting! :)

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