When A Dream Comes True.. Don’t Give Up.. You Can Have One Too

Dorothy from Grammology has only been blogging for a mere 8 months but you would never believe it from looking at her site. She had contacted me via email on a day I’d received about 100 emails and been completely overwhelmed by it.

About a week later she sent me a follow up email and that was a much slower email day, so I took the time to check out her site and loved what I saw. I immediately replied asking her to guest post for me and within a short time Dorothy sent me back a fully written article – here it is!

In January of 2007 I started our blog Grammology..

Within a few months I began reading different blogs and posting comments to get traffic and links for my site. There was so much to learn as I had never been exposed to blogs before this. All I knew was I had a dream, to share information with parents and children regarding my life as a mother, grandmother, wife, and friend. I was 60 years old at the time (just turned 61 in July) and felt I didn’t have much time left, if I was ever going to do this. While I was commenting, I was also learning. My inexperience and lack of formal education never stopped me. Maybe it should have, however, it didn’t.

Over the last few years I had asked several friends and family if they wanted to venture with me to get this project going. No one was interested. Back to the dream come true…. Finally I met Linda, a friend in my industry … She liked what she heard, and we began discussing how to launch my idea for grandma’s in today’s life.

Within a few months Linda’s son who was a full time college student suggested blogging as way to get our message out. Miles is solely responsible for the success of our blog and its layout. . Meanwhile, he was trying to be a 21 year old college student, with a life; instead he placed much of it on hold to help his mother and I get started. The site is a work in progress and hats off to him for his patience with two green ladies regarding the internet. In other words, if we can do it…so can you…

Liz who works for Linda’s as an illustrator, came up with the icon of me…I hate to admit this, but I like it… I had been looking at coffee pots, cups etc. Her idea seems to be much better than mine.


In the beginning I made a lot of mistakes, never understood how comments and blogs should be bookmarked or saved. Wasn’t always able to return to a site I’d previously visited. I recommend to keep trying, each time you’re on the web, you get better. My dream is happening, I’m writing and sharing and people are commenting. It’s rewarding, exciting and fun. There’s no one to tell me what to write. I try to think of subjects, I’ve experienced and share the good, bad and the ugly. Everyone and anyone can do it… That’s what’s so good about the web.

Back to the dream come true. When I found the site, Life in the country, I liked what I read, and knew it would be a favorite and I’d needed to visit more before I would see everything. As you read blogs you become amazed at the information given. All you need to be is willing to learn. And oddly enough she had a post on writing better…. (Hope I’m following her rules. Or at least improving) I read it and I know it has improved my writing. I always try to learn something and do better.

So, I sent an email to Snoskred and told her how enjoyable I thought her blog was. And here is my second and unexpected dream come true……. She checked out my blog, sent me an email, which was a miracle. And asked me if I was interested in guest posting on her site? Is she kidding, this is the biggest thing that’s happened to me since I started blogging. Of course I do…

Now the pressure is immense. Will I make the grade? Is admitting to the world of bloggers another dream came true important to anyone else? And would my subject be interesting? Now I know what is must feel like to speak to a large audience. Better have Imodium… I’ll do it and then I’ll pray…you like it?

The question, do you care about other people’s dreams? And what are yours? I’m a testimony you’re never too old, never too inexperienced. Just do it. There’s nothing worse than an unopened gift. And who knows you may be that gift. And if where’re lucky… you’ll take a chance do it, and find a Snoskred and your dream will come true.

So here we are, and you’re reading about another one of my dreams coming true. I hope you enjoyed my sharing and will tell us about some of your dreams and if you are still waiting or they’ve come true.

I believe that if you have a dream you can reach out for it. My recent dream was to move to a new place in our dream location. It took a long time and was a heartbreaking journey to get there but I never gave up. After each stretch of reaching for the dream and missing it by mere centimetres I just became more determined to grasp it. And here I am moving.

Each of us have unlimited potential but often we tell ourselves “Don’t dream, it won’t happen, you’ll only get hurt, why try?” If you don’t try you’ll never know. I already have a new dream which I’ll be keeping you up to date about in the following months.

I have learnt a lot about myself over the past year and now I know I can do anything I set my mind to – it’s just a matter of giving it everything I have to get there.

Dorothy, thank you so much for writing this guest post! If you have not seen Grammology yet please drop by and take a look. I love the icon, it is gorgeous. I love the blog template you’re using there, too! ;)

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10 thoughts on “When A Dream Comes True.. Don’t Give Up.. You Can Have One Too

  1. I’m so sorry! I forgot to put a link in.. I was worried about cleaning the bathrooms because the rental people want to take potential renters through tomorrow. :(

    I fixed it now, there’s three links to Grammology now. ;)

    Sorry all! Sorry Dorothy! :)


  2. I would, however, I don’t know how..do I just do a separate reply for each person?

    Here goes, Katie, thanks for commenting, and I hope you like my blog. This was great fun, and I hope snoskred will post on my blog, after her move..

    Katie, same to you..I was thrilled when you asked for the link..I’ve been back here several times today..so excited…

    Julie Pippert, thanks for the wonderful critique…. I loved it..for the moment I don’t need the Imodium…

    Ravin, thanks

    Liv, I’ll mention to my daughter you think I have wisdom..she’s 41 and sometimes she agrees, thank you

    Chrisitne, thanks for the welcome..do I have a ways to go.and go I will..Regards

    No words good enough to share how I feel, I hope I didn’t cause you more work when I was suppose to help..

    You did such a beautiful job with your introduction and your addition to my post was perfect.

    What a joy this has been..

    My deepest regards, Dorothy from grammology

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