Apollo 13 – Friday the 13th..

Yesterday I took a rare couple of hours off to watch Apollo 13 again – one of my favorite movies. Can you imagine just how disturbing it must be to everyone involved with these early years of the space program that the “America never landed on the moon” conspiracy theories exist? Many of the people involved were working 60-70 hour weeks for years and years, some people for decades. All that work, all that *team* work!

I was going to do a movie review on it. I sat down with my notebook and pen but every bit of this movie is so good it is impossible to pick things out from it to highlight to you. I just love it. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

My copy of the movie has two commentary tracks, one by Ron Howard and one by Jim and Marilyn Lovell. I have listened to both tracks and enjoyed every minute of the commentary. I’m planning to do a movie review soon, now I’m just not sure what movie it will be.

In other news, we picked up the car this morning. You know when you look forward to something and then it happens and it isn’t as good as you hoped? Well, that’s not what happened. If possible it was even better than I’d hoped. I’m counting down the minutes until the other half knocks off work and brings it back here so we can go for a drive. I was tempted to take it for a spin myself while he was at work but that would have been cruel. Pictures, maybe tomorrow..

However given I watched Apollo 13 yesterday, and today is Friday the 13th and we picked up the car.. superstitious anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Apollo 13 – Friday the 13th..

  1. Sounds like an interesting movie. While I don’t watch a lot of movies, there are some I can watch again and again.

    If you’re interested in seeing something offbeat, get an old movie called Resurrection… the Ellen Burtsyn version.. not that other one.



  2. Apollo 13 is an excellent movie. It was on recently here and I rewatched it. I would love to hear that commentary, though. I think I’ll put it in my Netflix queue.

    Just an interesting side note, not too long after I watched Apollo 13 (about two weeks), there was an internet news piece about a lawsuit being kicked out. It was brought by one of the “no moon landing” conspiracy guys. I can’t remember if it was Jim Lovell or another astronaut he was suing. Conspiracy Guy was mad because the astronaut had expressed, as you did here, how angry it made him that a nut job would say there was no landing after all the hard work and sacrifices people made to get there. The case was dismissed as having no merit.

    (This comment just doesn’t end…)

    There is also a great documentary, which of course, I don’t know how to tell you to find, but it goes over every point of the conspiracy theorists argument and does testing, interviews, etc. and disproves their theory.

  3. My FIL worked on all the Apollo missions (wrote the flight manuals). He likes that movie too. :) (And that’s a real endorsement.)

    Ummm, the 13 thing isn’t freaking me.

    It only freaks me in comments, and only because then it ends on an odd number, which for some completely insane reason mildly troubles me. LOL

    I assume you are out driving in your car…turn the radio up…

  4. Edited to add…but the odd number comment only bothers me after 10, like starting with 11.

    Just to make sure you see how utterly crazy it is LOL.

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