Rockstar Supernova – A Review

Just when you thought there was enough (too many?) mentions of Lukas Rossi on this blog, I bring you this review of the new album by Rockstar Supernova. I’ve been meaning to do it for a few days now. People argue about whether it is an album or cd or whatever – it is an album of songs put on a cd, in my opinion. It’s kind of like a snapshot in time of where a band is at.

1. It’s On – The drumming is purely wicked. I’ve seen video of Lukas singing this live and the track just doesn’t quite get to the same place as he does live, but it’s close.

2. Leave The Lights On – The first time I heard this I was reminded of Dilana’s disaster version (take a trip down memory lane here, rock star fans, complete with dancing girls rofl but beware you may need acid to scrub your brain of it after) and in fact could hear her version instead of the one I was listening to, and I thought this song was Doomed with a Capital D. However, more listening and a determined effort to block that nightmare out has resulted in me liking this track. It’ll make you move, make your foot tap. It really belongs in a biker bar. I could see strippers using this track.

3. Be Yourself – I remember reading around the message boards and blog reviews when this song was first sung on the show by Toby Rand. Everyone was going on about the hey hey hey ho ho ho bit. I was quite horrified and not really sure what this band was going to turn out like. Though I adore Toby also, Lukas’s version is MUCH better, especially as he doesn’t try to sing the verses. I love this song now, especially the bits where Lukas just rips up the “Keep it on the level” bit after speaking the verses. Hearing it as it is now, it is easy to see where the *band* was going with this song.

4. It’s All Love – I have grown to love this song in the months since the show because it was one of the two we could listen to. But compared to some of the other songs on the cd, it kind of fades into the background a little. I’m not sure if this is because I’m used to it and I’m really enjoying the newer tracks, or why it is. But I love the progression to the growly Lukas by the end of the track (that’s the clip I used in the mp3).

5. Can’t Bring Myself To Light This Fuse – Considering this appears on the little sticker on the front of the album, I’m thinking they’re going to release this as a single. I can see why, it is easily the most mainstream of the tracks, it is a ballad, and it is also fantastic. It’s a little strange placing the two ballads next to each other and it makes me wonder who decided what order these should go on the CD. The only thing missing from this track is the big evil T.Lee drumming – seems like that’s not even his drum kit, his has quite a recognisable sound. They’ve put some of those big (Timpani?) drums in, which is all well and good but I think T.Lee’s dark drumming would have taken this track to a whole new (not quite so mainstream) level.

6. Underdog – All fans of the Rockstar Supernova tv show will instantly recognise this because in most places, the start was played at the start and end of many ad breaks in the show (all of them in Australia, if I remember correctly). So I guess we all had our ideas of what the actual song would sound like, but what it turned out to be was nothing like my ideas.. how about yours? I love the end product – to me it combines darkness with an insatiable need to move to the beat. This song is full of great lyrics – welcome to the revolution, we are the army of underdogs – light the bomb and say you never did it anyway – but can anyone make out whether he is saying bad dog, lap dog, rag doll in the line “I aint a cheap trick (something dog or doll) you can drag along”. I’ve listened to it heaps of time and can’t work it out.

7. Make No Mistake – This Is The Take – Great drums, especially the start. It’s probably my least favourite track on the album but considering I love all the others and just like this one, that’s not saying anything bad really. I am sure people out there will love it and probably not love my favourite tracks as much. That’s ok. :)

8. Headspin – I loved the original by Rise Electric and I’ve probably listened to it a million times, so it’s no surprise to anyone that I hated what they’d done with this track at the start. It’s growing on me. Slowly. I mean the music is fine, I have no problem with it, I don’t like that bits were taken out of the original that I felt were somewhat important to the song. The original went for 5:12, this version goes for just over 4, so there’s quite a bit missing. I knew it would happen because it happened on the show, clearly they had a time limit, and I didn’t think they would go back to the original once people got used to the show version. If I’d never heard the original I would be ok with it. ;) I still love the original better. :) So sue me. ;) On the other hand, I like the addition of a swear word, and the excellent drums.

9. Valentine – Today’s favourite track, Each day it changes. :) I love the lyrics, I’m fairly sure most of them came from Lukas, he has a way with lyrics.. ;) and he does have writing credits on this track as well as The Dead Parade, Underdog, Social Disgrace and Headspin, though there’s other names along with his on all the tracks, even Headspin.

10. Social Disgrace – Yesterday’s favourite. I still like it today. Again great lyrics, quite dark.

11. The Dead Parade – First of all, let me say that any track which starts with female backing singers singing in a “gospel”-ish sounding way tends to put me right off the first time I listen to it. I’d rather they just start the track without that. I don’t mind backing singers in the chorus. Now that I have that off my chest, I love this track, it is VERY Lukas having heard a lot of his previous work with other bands. Some fantastic lyrics, including “My life is a rollercoaster, bonfires in my head” At 5:28, it’s the longest track on the cd, beating all the other songs by a full minute (the next closest is Valentine at 4:27) and the last minute involves some lovely guitar work (hopefully by Gilby but who knows?) which seems like it might belong on an old school type of rock record – the whole track has brilliant guitar work to be honest. This was the hardest to choose a clip from because I like all of it so much.

Overall, this is a good cd even if you weren’t a fan of the TV show. I have become quite the Tommy fan now. Is it wrong for me to be attracted to him? :) I think they chose the right person to front the band and the performances I have seen really show that. Lukas is having a ball there on stage and I think fans going to the concerts are going to have as good a time as he is.

The only downsides

– You can’t seem to hear too much of Jason Newsted’s bass most of the time. There’s one track where I really heard it clearly and now I can’t remember which one it was (edited 25-11 to add, it’s actually Headspin). I don’t know if this is because I’m not musically gifted and can’t pick it, or if it’s something else.

– I don’t hear enough of Lukas’s little growly grr rwoars. Lukatics and Rossi Posse people will know what I mean by that. The reason I noticed is because I was going to make a little audio file with them, just for fun. I only found them in Headspin so far – can you guys pick any others?

There were no lyrics in the sleeve here in Australia. I don’t know if they were present in the US or Canada but if so I’d love to have them. *very* occasionally it is hard to be 100% sure what Lukas is singing. I’m ok with it, I even like it, it just makes it hard to sing along.. ;)

So let me know what you thought of my review, and also if I have inspired you to pull the cash out of your pocket or bank account and purchase this CD to add to your collection. I really hope so. :)

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