Summer Menu Day 5 – Lite N Easy

Today was not a normal food day for me. It is the first day that I’ve not stuck with the Lite N Easy breakfast/lunch plan. I’ve had a couple of non Lite N Easy dinners, though..

So the menu today was meant to be –

Berry Wheat Bites (100Cal) with skim milk*
Wholegrain & Oat Toast (166Cal) with Honey (47Cal) = 213
Seasonal Fruit (76Cal)
Chicken Burger (80Cal) with Tomato (10cal) and Mayonnaise (15Cal) on a Ciabatta Bread Roll (155Cal) = 260
Red Apple (75Cal)
Popcorn (84Cal)
Fishermans Pie 457cal
= 808

I ate –

Berry Wheat Bites (100Cal) with skim milk*

Berry Wheat Bites

Popcorn (84Cal) (only half of this)

I do enjoy the popcorn, I like it a lot.

Fishermans Pie 457cal

I can now confirm for JM’s benefit that although the listing on the website says there is corn in it, and possibly the photos for Fishermans Pie shows corn, there is absolutely NO corn in this. As always this was gorgeous and awesome.

3/4 of a slice of Costco Combination Pizza (680cals MAX)

Looks good, yeah? It sure is tasty, but it is also huge. I did not get any further than 3/4 of the slice, going from the bottom up. Not a great fan of crust.

I got me some strawberries and made a tasty soda water drink. This cost me 12 calories.

I’m gonna return tomorrow with a post about substitution and desserts. :) Absolutely exhausted from a big day out of shopping and general insanity at Costco.

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One thought on “Summer Menu Day 5 – Lite N Easy

  1. Right, I just want to let you know how fantastic your Lite n Easy blog has been!!

    I was searching for some sort of reliable source on the net to give me an honest opinion of what it was like, as I dont know anybody who is ordering from them at present!

    The photos were fab, your opinions wonderful and I will definately be ordering in a week or two when I move house!

    It’s great to know I’m not going to starve (!) and I have been eating so much junk lately that my body could do with some healthy stuff :)

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