Summer Menu Day 1 – Lite N Easy

Today is the first day of the new summer menu. You can view the entire Lite N Easy Summer Menu here.

I have left the calorie counts in from todays earlier post. Though it would be a lot of effort, I might try and put these in more often..

Almond Toasted Muesli with skim milk* (138Cal)

Its muesli which you may already know I am not the greatest fan of. It was quite tasty with all the fruit and the almond bits in there. I enjoyed it but it would probably be 3rd on my list of cereals supplied by Lite N Easy – berry bites being my fave, followed by fruit n bran.

Roast Chicken Tender (84Cal) with Beetroot & Baby Leaf Salad (24Cal) and Garlic Lemon Vinaigrette (48Cal) (=156)

Awesome as always, though they sent me balsamic vinaigrette instead of garlic lemon. No big deal, I liked it just as good. I love the beetroot in any format but this grated form is especially nice.

Small Multigrain Roll (88Cal) with Butter (36Cal) (=124)

I am loving this butter. I first saw it last week, they officially announced it in this weeks esky with this flier. It is new, and it comes in this funny package. You used to get spread instead – I think it was some kind of Flora margarine. Who would have thought a little bread roll could be so tasty. It was lovely.

Peaches with Raspberry Sauce (63Cal)

What a terrible photo! It looked ok when I took it.

This is quite zingy. I like it but I would have thought pears might be a better fit for this sauce. Be very careful though, this sauce will stain anything you happen to spill it on. It could do with straining out the seeds. I am not a huge fan of sauces with seeds in them.

Citrus Sultana Oat Biscuit (98Cal)

These are always nice. Perhaps could be a little more citrussy or have a couple more sultanas.

Dinner – Sweet N Sour Chicken (428cal)

WOW. I think I have a new favourite dinner. The rice had little bits of egg in it. There was plenty of sauce to make the rice saucy as well. There was breast chicken and bits of baby corn and pineapple. Truly gorgeous. If you were served this in a restaurant you would be perfectly happy with it. Epic win, most definite reorder. In fact I think I could easily spend an entire week eating this dinner.

Multigrain Toast (98Cal) with Plum Jam (38Cal) (=136)

I spent much of today looking forward to this plum jam. It did not disappoint. It was everything I hoped for and more.

Orange (55Cal)

I’m doing a special note about the orange. I commented on this post over at La Dolce Vita. Jo Abi is also doing Lite N Easy – and seems to be picking exactly the same things I am which is quite unusual. Jo mentioned that her orange was very juicy which kinda inspired me to do my usual cut it up and put it in the mineral water trick. This time I thought I’d post the process.

Cut the top and bottom off the orange. This will make it so you can easily sit the orange on the chopping board, ready for the choppery!

Start trimming the peel off the orange. This is a delicate process because you want to keep as much of the orange as possible.

Continue trimming off the peel and pith. Keep going until you have done the whole orange. Then flip the orange over, you will likely have left some extra pith/peel on the bottom. Trim off any extra pith/peel

Halve the orange, being careful to cut in between the sections.

Quarter, and trim out the central column. You can then put the orange pieces into your mineral water – I like to make them a little smaller so I can fish them out in bite size pieces with a fork.

This was probably one of the smaller oranges they have sent me but it was so tasty.

In other news, I picked one of the zucchinis today. Here is is pictured on a full sized cutting board. Impressive, no?

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