Day 3 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Thai Chicken Cakes with Asian Coleslaw and Garlic Lemon Vinaigrette.

This was very tasty, if a little lacking in Thai spices. I find these salads quite filling, and if I’d been at home I would have put the coleslaw back in the fridge for later on once I finished the chicken cakes.

Snacks – Rice Crackers with Salsa Dip – Sweet Pineapple Bites

Added a banana to the corn chips with salsa dip.

Saved the pineapple bites for dessert.

Dinner – Mac N Cheese

Awesome. On the must reorder list.

Breakfast – Egg on a toasted Multigrain Muffin

A little boring, but ok. I boiled the egg.

Missed out on – Green Apple

Swapped it for the banana instead.

Made it to the gym also too! yays. I have to tell you though.. I counted 18 cars in the carpark and one motorbike (compared to the usual 6 or 7 on the weekend) and walking in the door there was absolutely no air in there. Today was a super hot day, and the aircon in the gym seems to suffer.

Also took some spare carefully weighed snacks to work –

2x 45g fruit n bran cereal, 2x 20g rice crackers.

3 days in with 1200 calories, I can say this is the way forward for me. 1500 was just too much food. I’ll be ordering again for next week, for 1200 calories, in the next couple of days.

Lite N Easy Wrap Up Post –

Make sure to drop in and read it – this post contains my overall thoughts on Lite N Easy and also links to all the daily posts. You can find the wrap up post by clicking here.

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