Friday – Day 7 – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Penne Pesto Pasta.

Hmm. This was not one of the better lunches that I’ve had. I much preferred the chicken and chorizo rice pot. It was very flavourful – very loud in a flavour sense – but not very good otherwise. Not very filling, there was not much to this.

It did have two olives, and let me mention how much I miss olives as an evening snack. I get these great green olives stuffed with almonds from Costco, they are huge and so tasty. And who would have thought to put an almond inside a green olive? But let me tell you it is da bomb. ;)

Snacks – Roasted Almonds – Classic Choc & Oats Bar

I think I liked the cinnamon oats bar better – if this had dark chocolate drizzled over it, I would have preferred that. I could still taste cinnamon in this one – not sure if this was the same bar just with chocolate on it because everything else seemed to be the same.

Not a huge fan of this snack. First of all, it was terribly boring, second these did not taste like almonds I am used to and third they were not the normal colour of almonds, these were an odd shade of reddish brown on the inside. Finally there was not a lot of them!

Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala

This was *incredible* and there was a lot of it after the small lunch and snacks this afternoon. I was uncomfortably full. There were huge sweet sultanas in there which balanced beautifully against the other savoury spices and veg. I am probably 89% sure this was breast chicken and it was so tender, it fell apart when you tried to pick it up with the fork. Gorgeous. Adding this one to the must order again list.

Breakfast – Bacon, Two Eggs and Tomato on a toasted Multigrain Muffin

Swapped out the tomato for avocado, put on a little cheese so the egg and avocado wouldn’t slide off, and grilled it under the grill. Of course this was awesome. I love the bacon they use, it is so lean. There are little crispy bits of cheese next to it, they’re so tasty.

Missed out on – Red Apple – Peach Fruit Cup

Swapped the red apple for an orange, which I put into my soda water.

Good news on the snack front, I have managed to find the rice crackers they use at the supermarket.

They give you a 20g serve which is 82 calories. Compared to todays snack – roasted almonds which is also a 20g serve, which has 123 calories. So all I have to do is weigh some out and put them into ziploc bags.

Then when I get a snack I am not a fan of or maybe if I forget to take one to work or I am out and about, I can swap it out. I’ll just put a couple of them into my handbag. :) Pls to note, the round green things are wasabi peas which I had never tried before – I had one and it was soooo spicy! Loved it.

Lite N Easy Wrap Up Post –

Make sure to drop in and read it – this post contains my overall thoughts on Lite N Easy and also links to all the daily posts. You can find the wrap up post by clicking here.

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