Day 5 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Breakfast – Fruit n’ Bran Cereal with skim milk*

This one had more kinds of fruit in it – dried apple and possibly some others..

Lunch – Chicken Burger with Beetroot Relish and Tomato on a Ciabatta Bread Roll

Beetroot relish – if this can be found anywhere in the world I must hunt it down and buy a lot of it. It was absolutely gorgeous and hello so much easier than sliced beetroot. I think this could be used on almost anything. I did not use the tomato.

Snacks – Banana & Apple Bread – Red Apple

The banana and apple bread is great, especially after defrosting it in the microwave and it is all warm and awesome. This could benefit from a shake of cinnamon, though.

Dinner – Tortilla Stack

Wowza. So filling, extremely tasty, just enough spice. Must re-order.

See all those chick peas? I love a chick pea. There were many more, as well as refried red beans.

Breakfast – Wholegrain & Oat Toast with Apricot Jam

The toast is quite small, but very tasty.

Missed out on – Orange

A happy moment today spotting my favourite Antony Green on the teevee.

Combined with a sad moment, that I did not have any cheesecake on hand to eat while I enjoyed his awesomeness. What a travesty!

Lite N Easy Wrap Up Post –

Make sure to drop in and read it – this post contains my overall thoughts on Lite N Easy and also links to all the daily posts. You can find the wrap up post by clicking here.

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