Day 2 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Today, a bad happened! I fell into a trap which, I am certain, happens to anyone doing Lite N Easy at some point. I forgot to take my food to work. :(

So, lucky me, I had one Royal Gala apple in the fridge, and my rice crackers mentioned in this post – in fact the exact two packets pictured. That is all I got to eat until dinner time with a visit to the gym before dinner. I was a little hungry but nowhere near as hungry as I expected.

Breakfast – Cheese and Tomato toasted Wholegrain & Oat Sandwich

Swapped the tomato for avocado, made it into a grill instead of a toasted sandwich.

Lunch – Cheese, Tomato and Mustard Relish Wholegrain & Oat Sandwich

Hmm, same same much? How did I not realise I was essentially ordering the same thing twice? So to make it less same same, and because I happened to cook a roast pork loin for the other half, I swapped the tomato for a couple of slices of pork.

And now let me tell you the story of the stunningness of this sandwich. I’d seen this pork roast at Woolworths – pork loin with sage and onion – and it was $18 and I thought well, that will do one dinner and left over sandwiches for a couple more meals for the other half without too much effort on his part.

The pork was perfectly cooked, very lean (what little fat there was I cut off) and the crust formed on the top with the herbs was *gorgeous*. But team it up with the mustard relish? OMG flavour sensation. Even the plastic cheese slice provided melded in beautifully with the flavours and smooshyness and because the bread was warm from defrosting..

I don’t know how nice this would have been with tomato. Possibly a little weird.

Dinner – Fishermans Pie

As always, this was beautiful. Call me boring if you want to but I intend to eat this for every second dinner this week. It is just fab.

Missed out on – Mandarin – Pear Fruit Cup – Cheese & Chive Crackers

I substituted the cheese and chive crackers for the rice crackers – I ate 30 grams of the rice crackers which = 119 calories, 4 calories less than the cheese and chive crackers. I substituted the mandarin for one red apple.

Gym visit –

I did get there yesterday as well, just forgot to mention it. My aim at the gym these days is to try and burn 300 calories, and to push myself in doing so. I’m trying higher levels on the elliptical each time.

Yesterday visit –

Lite N Easy Wrap Up Post –

Make sure to drop in and read it – this post contains my overall thoughts on Lite N Easy and also links to all the daily posts. You can find the wrap up post by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

  1. I can’t say that I’ve completely forgotten my food at home before work! :O

    Though I seem to think that I may have missed a memo stating that you do not like Tomatoes at all, which is quite sad, as they are awesome. :(

    Keep in mind that ‘cados (even the awesome that they are) are a higher-calorie option than the tomatoes (cado – 64, tomato – 10), but they do taste good on a open faced sandwich as well :)

    Also, all of your foods do look the awesome, and I have to say that there are a lot of items that I wish I could have (like the Thai chicken bowl and the fisherman’s pie might be something to try one time, but I am not sure about that one!)

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