Monday Menu – Day 3 – Lite N Easy –

New Lite N Easy summer menus are out today.. Yays!

Breakfast – Fruit n’ Bran Cereal with milk

Lunch – Roast Chicken Tender with Baby Leaf Salad and Mayonnaise in a Wrap

Yes that is tomato – I can eat it sometimes, just not every day. This was so fresh and tasty, I really loved it.

Afternoon Snacks – Spiced Fruit Cookies – Spinach & Feta Muffin – Tropical Crush

Love these spiced fruit cookies, they are awesome. Would love the recipe so I can take them to work for everyone.

It was while I was eating the above that the other half arrived home and informed me we had been invited out to dinner. It turns out this was an interesting exercise, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat the size meal that would be given to me. I know now after 10 days of Lite N Easy that portion sizing is important and key to everything.So I chose a starter sized calamari with salad.

I got through the majority of the calamari, and some of the salad. And I felt like I was going to burst afterwards. :(

Breakfast – Bacon and Egg Breakfast Roll with Tomato Sauce

Not just any tomato sauce, peoples, Beerenberg tomato sauce! Had this much later than usual – around 10pm. I used coconut oil to coat the egg ring and a non stick pan so didn’t need any oil under it when frying the egg. It turned out very well.

Missed out on – Kiwifruit

Might be a bit late updating tomorrow, got to work a late shift. :(

Lite N Easy Wrap Up Post –

Make sure to drop in and read it – this post contains my overall thoughts on Lite N Easy and also links to all the daily posts. You can find the wrap up post by clicking here.

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