Summer Menu Day 2 – Lite N Easy

So a little bit of time and effort last night, and I have got the calories done for every breakfast and lunch this week..

I sent my maths over to Sephy for a double check. Somehow I’d missed out adding all the tomatoes into the calculations, lucky I did send it! I failed maths in school, and even with an iPhone calculator I still fail it now, lol. :)

I have to tell you something.

The longer I stick with Lite N Easy, the less hungry I am. The smaller meals are ok. The larger meals make me feel so full. It takes me a good 20-30 minutes to finish the entire dinner. That is a good thing.

Now for the bad news. Whenever I eat the bread it makes me feel enormously bloated and it isn’t short term, it lasts for hours. I am beginning to think I have a bread allergy, or something in the bread anyway.

I am going to look for low calorie gluten free bread alternatives next time I am at the supermarket, something that would work with Lite N Easy. I can swap out the bread and see if maybe that makes me feel any better..

I honestly know zero about gluten etc, so I might have to do some research into this. Wouldn’t it be great if Lite N Easy did it for me? :(

Lunch – Curried Egg Spread (84Cal) and Baby Leaf (13Cal) on a Long Multigrain Roll (197Cal) = 294

I had been looking forward to this, I love curried egg. It was wonderful even despite my bread thing I mentioned above.

Red Apple (75Cal) (Missed – too full)
Seasonal Fruit (76Cal) (Mandarin – Missed – too full)

Potato Crisps (76Cal)

I love my potato chippies. These are not the same but hello, they are still potato, in chip form. I would find it very difficult to describe what these are actually like – the thing that comes to mind is potato air.

Dinner – Fragrant Thai Chicken (382Cal)

Still a great fan of this. I do wish now, having had the other rice with egg etc in it, that this appeared with that rice. I’m not sure how well it would go though.

Breakfast – Pikelets (113Cal) with Fig & Berry Compote (82Cal) and Honey Yoghurt (42Cal) = 237

This was my last meal for the day (If you have been reading for a while you know, I eat breakfast at night time because I don’t have time when I get up nor does my stomach like to be bombarded with food so early – if there is a cereal I will eat that before going to work) so it was like dessert. I have never had fig before and I am surprised to find I like it. I added the yoghurt to this as you are supposed to and it was incredible – last time I ate the yoghurt separately. Definite re-order. And I am sitting here having eaten this over an hour ago, soooo full!

Breakfast and Lunch total plan calories = 758
Dinner calories = 382

Total for today = 1140
Minus missed items = 989

Wow, I did not realise I missed so many calories. I wish I could say that at some point today I could have added them back in but I just didn’t have the space in me to fit in any more food.

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