Shoe Sunday – Cole Haan Part 2


The Cole Haan “Gilmore” Ballet Flat
Some colours are still available on Zappos for $99.99 a pair

The photos really do not do these shoes justice – they are a gorgeous bronze colour.

Previously I mentioned how Oprah told me to buy Cole Haan shoes, and I did, and the shoes were everything I dreamed they could be and more..

I will like to relate a little incident that occurred just after I bought them.

I had gone off on my own to Kipling and the Cole Haan store on one of our scheduled shopping up a storm days. The Other Half and my dearest friend Sephyroth who had flown in from Wisconsin to meet us in Hawaii had gone off to do Man Stuff. I forget precisely what kind of Man Stuff was involved but whatever it was, I am 100% certain it was not as Awesome as shopping at Cole Haan was for me.

We had arranged to meet by the ABC store at a certain time, which if you have ever been to Hawaii is like the most hilarious meeting spot given there are something like 81 of them in Waikiki alone. This time it was the ABC store near the stage at Ala Moana, so nobody got lost.

We were using a bag on wheels to carry all our purchases, so when I met up with Sephyroth I was handing some of the bags over, and he – very gallantly I might add – went to take my Cole Haan bag from me. But I was so not ready to hand it over – first of all, it had these awesome shoelaces as a handle and they were incredibly soft and comfortable in my hand, and secondly MY NEW SHOESES DON”T TOUCH THEM PLS!

I think, and I could be wrong, I might have growled like a dog and said in a very scary voice – “Not the Cole Haans!”


I truly do love these shoes, both pairs, and they have gone a lot of places with me, and will continue to go places with me for many years. They are in great condition even after almost a year of regular wear, and easy to clean and look after.

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  1. They do look extremely comfortable. Probably they don’t come in a short and very wide fitting, most shoes don’t, which is why I wear kid size sneakers, short and wide. Love the colour! That would go with everything!

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