A JB Hifi store has opened up less than half an hours drive from this house! So many DVD’s, so little time. I bought 5 today and most were $12.98. YAY! Plus, I got Elizabeth, a DVD I have been looking to get for a while now just nowhere stocks it and Pump Up The Volume which I am very glad to own on DVD but it didn’t seem to have any extras, sadly. I also got Memoirs of a Geisha, The Green Mile, and Goodfellas – yes TT I bought it because you recommended it.

People reading this – if you could choose one movie for me to watch, what would it be? Leave a note in the comments..

We spent the day driving around looking at shops and sights and stuff, then my Uncle cooked us dinner. I really adore him but that man uses too many hot spices in his cooking. I feel this may come back to me as a surprise tomorrow.

Speaking of things coming to one as a surprise, in the back of my parents Voyager the music is a lot louder than anywhere else in the car. Last night I got stuck back there with Abba, which on some songs is absolutely no problem however the songs I don’t know I don’t like very much. Today I took the little car mp3 player with about 24 hours worth of the other half’s and my favourite music, and my Mum got stuck in the back with Nine Inch Nail’s Closer track. I think the lyrics may have come as a surprise, especially the “I want to fsck you like an animal” bit.. :)

Sephy, your latest played track listing hasn’t changed in a few days IIRC – are you listening to enough music right now?

Tomorrow we’re driving down the coast about 150kms or so.. and probably dropping in to the beach with the roos.. but I got to get some sleep I’m just exhausted.

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