No thanks, Dyson.

I can’t even, with this new hand dryer thing.

Let me first say I was never a Dyson vacuum cleaner fan because I find bagless = mess when you have to empty it, especially if you are emptying it into a dumpster out the back of the shop that you just vacuumed and it is a windy day. I prefer my Miele where the bag closes up nice when I remove it, no dust, no fluff, everything I vacuumed up is all trapped nicely inside.

The airblade hand dryer is probably one of the best inventions of our generation. It is speedy, your hands dry very quickly, you do not get water all over the floor and over yourself, and it saves people having to use paper towel.

There are two downsides – they are not very hygienic so work hard not to touch them and sometimes drunk men mistake them for a urinal. Eew.

There is another Dyson hand dryer which is nowhere near as good, and to be honest until recently I thought it was the most stupid invention ever, but Dyson figured that invention had not been quite stupid enough, why not take another crack at inventing the most stupid thing ever. Stores, restaurants, malls, pretty please spend the extra $100 and get a much better product.

What happens with this one is, you get water all over yourself because the air is blowing towards you, which blows the water towards you. If it is a choice between using this and wet hands, I pick wet hands every time.

So, meet the new contender for most stupid hand dryer..

What happens with this one is, the air blows into the sink where you just finished washing your hands, blowing water and in some cases soap you just washed off your hands all over the place including over yourself.. Do not waste money on this, people in charge of bathroom upgrades at various places in the world.

Worst of all, the place that installed the idiotic tap version of the airblade got rid of the decent airblades to do it! Wollongong Central, I am sure you installed this to be trendy and hip and have the most expensive new best thing, but this hand dryer is useless.

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4 thoughts on “No thanks, Dyson.

  1. Obviously we don’t empty our Dyson outside and we prefer bagless.

    The first dryer is very effective at drying hands but yes, it can be hard to not touch it, and it does put water on the floor. The drips from hands fall to the bottom and then out both sides.

    I can never get the second model you feature to work. Where do you put your hands?

    The third one just sounds dumb but I would like to try it myself.

  2. I don’t like any of those hand dryers and use paper towels if they are an available option. They usually aren’t, so now I carry a man sized handkerchief to dry my hands on. I prefer my Miele with bag vacuum cleaner too. My daughter has a bagless and it is so messy to empty (not a Dyson) neither of them wants to do it, so when it looks over full, I take it outside and hope the wind isn’t blowing….

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