I just ordered pizza for dinner and I feel like I got shafted, they charged me $2 extra for anchovies and then asked me if this was allright. Actually, no, it’s not allright, but I want the anchovies, and if you’re not going to give them to me for *free* as should be the way, it was always an optional extra and now you want to make me pay? Grrr.

Why is it that when people are talking about you behind your back, other people feel like it’s the right thing to do to let you know what is being said? This happened to me recently, and now people are trying to make me feel like it’s my fault that I know what was said! My advice to the people talking about me behind my back – get some balls and say it to my face, because it will come to me as a surprise anyway, so if you have something to say either don’t do it, or cut out the middle man and say it directly to me.

It used to be that you would know, when you said something to someone, that is as far as it went. A funny thing happened – some people got everyone to tell them everything that was going on, but what they didn’t realise is when they broke down the walls of confidentiality, they put themselves in a position where people would not keep what *they* said confidential either. And now everyone is just telling each other everything, chat logs are flying in all directions, and no matter how many people you exclude from the chats in your state of panic and drama, they are still coming to me, how’s that for not knowing who you can trust? So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, is my advice.

Coming over the next day or few, some info on what art I’m up to lately. I feel the need to focus on that more and more recently, that’s why I’m not around so much.

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