Real nice..

An anonymous user just left this comment –

On behalf of the entire Whirlpool community, let me tell you straight up that we consider you to be an ABSOLUTE waste of space and oxygen.

Please, do us all a favour and seriously consider topping yourself the next time you are near a tall enough bridge.

It’s the only hope you’ve got in your miserable life.

Well, guess what. Just to annoy you further, I’m NOT going to top myself. And, I’m going to stay on Whirlpool. And, you can shove it up your ass! ;)

This is probably because I got a little publicity today.. Jealous much? Perhaps not capable of achieving anything in your own life? I’m not even going to delete your comment, it just shows how lame you are.. you don’t even have the guts to say who you are! If you’re going to say something like this at least have the balls to say who you are.

Plus, you have no idea who you’re messing with, I’m a scambaiter mate, I have already tracked you to your ISP.. ;) Shall I report you? Would that make your day? Is that what you want?

If any Whirlpool users are reading this and you don’t feel the same way, perhaps you want to let this fuckwit know he’s not posting on behalf of the entire community? ;)

Sorry guys things are going 100 miles an hour right now, more later.. :)

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4 thoughts on “Real nice..

  1. Just stumbled across your blog via your Whirlpool posts, let me tell you this tool is _not_ posting on behalf of the entire Whirlpool community, he is indeed a village idiot.

    Keep those scammers busy, you have earned yourself a big Whirlpool :D

  2. Never mind Snøskred, for every village idiot there are hundreds of other users who simply wave at him/her with the universal sign of “Dickeus Headeus”. Maybe when they get out of daipers and into short pants they may learn something useful, and be a productive member of the online community at large.

    I for one have enjoyed reading your posts at Whirlpool and am dismayed by the attitudes of obviously jealous biggots.

    Keep on rockin Snøs!

  3. A big *thhthhppppptttt* to the “Dickeus Headeus” (nice handle for em, btw :)

    And way to go on doing what you do so well that you got some publicity.

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