Summer Menu New Items Week 2- Lite N Easy

Cheesy Chicken & Macaroni Bake –

This was very tasty and cheesy. Could do with a little more chicken and some of the sauce from the Mac N Cheese dinner..

Apple Crumble –

This is must re-order but I would do it in the 4 pack of just the apple crumble, and a 4 pack of just the apple and raspberry crumble, because I did not like the rice pudding from the assorted pack. I have not tried the apricot crumble yet – am looking forward to it!

Pumpkin Soup –

Ugh. Not a fan. But you should know that I make an incredible vegetable soup so I am quite a soup snob. This was quite watery and not very sweet. It is only 64 calories.

Nut Cluster Crunch –

This seems like they took several of the cereals and combined them into one. I could taste cinnamon in there. I quite liked it.

Mexican Chicken Stack –

This was much better than the Tortilla Stack on the dinner menu – full of veg & beans and some kind of slightly cheesy sauce as well as the tomato sauce with the mince. Absolutely gorgeous. If this were on the dinner menu I would order it every week. It was 236 calories at the small lunch size so I think this could easily be made into a dinner. Rather than the tortilla it has lavash bread.

General update –

Just got the next delivery and for the first time ever have chosen popular for every single lunch meal, and virtually every meal for breakfast – on Day 5 I chose the optional choice. The Eggs Benedict is back next week NOMS I would have that for breakfast every single day.

I picked some new dinners this week – Crumbed Chicken, Roast Chicken, Salt N Pepper Chicken.

I am loving the strawberry jam on the toast. So much more me than Apricot or Marmalade.

The Other Half got fed one of the dinners this week – Rigatoni – which he quite liked. He would not eat a lot of the meals due to being allergic to a lot of items including various vegetables.

I don’t eat much in the way of red meat but if any of the Lite N Easy people reading this order the red meat stuff and want to give me a photo and their review of it, I will be happy to post that – or if you post it on your blog I will link to it. You might even talk me into trying it if the meat cuts are good enough.

Getting back to the gym this week after a week off thanks to bad shift times and Christmas Dinners. I went tonight after work and on top of the 30 mins of cardio spent some time on the abs.

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One thought on “Summer Menu New Items Week 2- Lite N Easy

  1. I wasn’t impressed at all by the lunch version of mac and cheese. They should make it more like the dinner version. :) And I didn’t even try the pumpkin soup. Bleck.

    I’m glad you give the thumbs up to the apple crumble because I just took the plunge and ordered some for next week.

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