The Awesome Lite N Easy Eggs Benedict

So awesome! Here is how it works. You will need to order the eggs benedict from Lite N Easy, of course. They will supply you with the Ciabatta Toast, spinach, egg, bacon, and hollandaise sauce with a lovely recipe card.

You will also need –


An egg poacher, spray on cooking oil.


Use the spray on cooking oil on your egg poacher thingy so it will easily fall out of the egg poacher thingy – note my awesome use of technical terms here! :)


Toast your ciabatta toast carefully without exploding the toaster or any other kitchen appliances. While toasting, put the bacon in the microwave for 1min20. Once ciabatta toast is ready, carefully layer on your spinach.


Now me, I like to put hollandaise under the bacon. It makes it less easy for the egg to slip off and land in your lap.


Lay your bacon on top of the hollandaise-y spinach.


You will have plenty of spinach left over so you might want to layer on some more on top of the bacon.


I could have put on several more layers, in fact.


Put your poached egg on top of the creation we have been creating.


Put some hollandaise on top of the egg.

Now you will want to be very careful. You may choose to change into items which do not get upset if they are dripped on. However if you are careful you may not drip any hollandaise or egg yolk. Just like how some people manage to eat a Hungry Jacks whopper without dripping tomato sauce and mayo everywhere.

This item you have spent some time creating will last mere nanoseconds, because it is so nommy and then you will also wish you were back on the 1500 calories because *you get two of them* instead of just one. And this makes me wonder, if you are on the 1800 calories, do you get three? I could eat three, but probably not in one sitting. Not these days anyway.

Believe me this eggs benedict is EPIC on several levels. The levels of epic awesomeness cannot be described sufficiently in just words and pictures. When this is on the menu, *must order it*.

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